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The Eastern Question

Markus Wilding

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To the Government of Greater Russia

The nations of France, Alvonia, and Muscovy recently met in secret* in Prague to discuss concerning events in Greater Russia. All three of our nations represent a coalition of sorts that is vehemently opposed to the Social Sovereignty movement. While our states and peoples do not shy away from war, it is the last goal we have in mind. We believe unlike Hawaii, the only other Social Sovereignty nation on this planet, Greater Russia can be reasoned with. Therefore, after the Prague Conference, we ask this of the Greater Russian government:

  1. Renounce any ties to Social Sovereignty and allow French, Alvonian and Muscovite observers to oversee elections, as well as the observers of any other state that wishes to oversee the process.
  2. Remove Hawaiian influence from Government and expel any Hawaiian national present in Greater Russia
  3. Should the above two not be accepted, either individually or as a whole, after 72 hours the combined forces of France, Alvonia and Muscovy will force regime change in Greater Russia.

Again, war is not our go-to goal and we will allow the Greater Russian people to choose what they will be ruled by, so long as Social Sovereignty and other radicalized forms of government are eliminated as options. We believe the Greater Russian state can be reasoned with, and do hope that Greater Russia sees reason.


OOC: * - IRC discussions

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