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Hawaii-Palaven Embassy San Francisco

The Zigur

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The small, historical Hawaiian embassy in San Francisco


Lt Colonel David Kalakani, fresh from commanding the stability operation in San Diego during a time of crisis and anarchy, has been commended for his service in protecting over a million civilians with a single Marine Battalion until the government could be restored, and has been temporarily reassigned to diplomatic duty to the Palaven Empire until a permanent ambassador can be found.


Upon arriving in San Francisco, the historical beauty of the city impressed him. Being a Hawaii native, he was used to the small town Hilo atmosphere and had never been abroad. Although at first he grumbled about having to leave his Marine Battalion Command, he realized that this would probably be a fun assignment and that Secretary of State Jonah Kanahele was setting him up for the big leagues.


He arrived at the embassy and saw a Palaven government official outside waiting for him. Walking up to him, he introduced himself and asked the fellow's name.



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"Hi Mr. Kalakani, 

it's been a privilege to meet you, I am André Nowzick, an officer of the

Palaven Intelligence Service.

Would you like to come into the government limousine over there with me

to discuss the prospects of our foreign relation?

… And oh hey, welcome to San Francisco."


- Officer André Nowzick

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