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versailles 2: Bigger, Better, Blinger


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Yoshiko Kawaguchi had inherited billions of Nuyens, her father having died in Yokohama, rather than stay in Japan she decided to flee to France. The countryside was beautiful but she wanted something more, The houses in Japan were always small, even the multimillion dollars houses were tiny compared to Western Style homes, with a near unlimited bank account Yoshiko set out to Versailles. sure it was a nice place, but she had bigger ideas in mind.


Landing in Paris she set out to find herself a realtor, she had 20000 acres of Taverny to Purchase to begin her dream house.

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The realtor looked up from a stack of papers about the town of Taverny, "So just so I have the details straight, you want me to get you the commune of Taverny as well as the entirety of the Foret Domaniale de Montmorency to convert into a lavish palace on par or better than the one at Versailles, is that correct?"


He was a young man, new to this business, and he'd been told that he'd get some strange requests, but this one was certainly new.

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