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Operation Fly Boy Blue

Markus Wilding

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Top Secret!


On the morning of June 6, the KM Eisenstadt and Novy Bor would escort two armored cargo ships that had been requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine to the Panama canal. These cargo ships, while officially holding teams of researchers and their equipment, actually contained the 7. Infanterie-Division and approximately 500 Schwarze Korps operatives, some of whom had just completed exercises as part of Operation Whisper Grass. Upon reaching the Panama Canal, the Kriegsmarine task force would request permission from the Tikal government for passage, sending the following message.



TO: Tikal Government

FROM: Alvonian Wehrmacht

SUBJ: Panama Canal


The Kriegsmarine hereby requests free passage through the Panama Canal, the purpose of such passage will be to sail to the Kiribati islands to construct a naval base for future deployments. For the sake of transparency with the Tikal government, this force is operating under orders from Director Wilding to find and arrest traitors that are confirmed to be in Hawaii. Specific reasoning behind these orders can be made available upon request.


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[Private Message]


To: Alvonia; Wehrmacht of Alvonia

From: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy


Subj: Re: Panama Canal


Treason is the worst action any single person could possibly take.

Consider all regular fees waived. Consider yourselves guests of Tikal and feel free to replenish and resupply at the southern end of the Canal, Veracruz naval base.

Further, be confident in the knowledge that none shall be permitted to divulge the information of your vessels passing through the Canal.


Should you require anything more, just ask.


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal

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Top secret!



TO: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy

FROM: Alvonian Wehrmacht; Alvonia

SUBJ: RE: Re: Panama Canal


The Wehrmacht, and the people of Alvonia, thank you for your support in this matter. We will be sure to repay the debt one day.


Upon refueling and resupplying at Veracruz, the fleet sailed to the Kiribati island chain, aiming for the largest island while also being sure to avoid the highly publicized "Triangle of Death" that supposedly existed around Hawaii. Upon landing at Kiribati, the Wehrmacht quickly set about constructing a temporary port to serve for future operations. As this happened, another cargo ship would head out from Alvonia, this one carrying two Pershing II missiles with backup warheads for what OKW called "extreme circumstances". Tikal would be notified of the third cargo ship well ahead of its arrival.





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Secretary of State Jonah Kanahele strolled into the President's office reading the morning news on his tablet. President Ezekiel Kukahiko sat inside at his desk, sipping a morning coffee.


"You know, Captain, I'm really getting too old for this stuff. Come and take a look at this email I got."


Jonah stretched and took a seat at the desk. He thought about how odd it was that he was both secretary of state and an expert special forces operator. Apparently the combination was very frowned upon in traditional bourgeoisie ruling circles.




Last night the imperialists you had warned us about have arrived at our island. They arrived by cargo ship and don't seem to have much other than small arms at the moment. They are confiscating our phones and computers so this may be the only message I manage to send if I am unable to hide the phone. Please send help asap, we don't know what they will do next.


Captain Hawaii frowned. "The Filipinos?"


"Can't be, they just got nuked and have their hands full. It can't be the Japanese or any other major player either because we would have heard about it long before it happened. For now we are going to start shifting our SIGINT assets and see if we can't get our shiny new infrared cameras to take a look down there, any unusual activity will be obvious on an island that small. I'll keep you in the loop captain but for now get your gear ready."

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Being on some island in the middle of the Pacific definitely wasn't what Generalmajor Mathias Neumann had expected when he signed up for the Heer. He had anticipated exercises in Bayern and the Czech states, not having his division sailed out to the Pacific Ocean on an operation that he had no details on, except get on the Kriegsmarine ships and wait for further orders. Supposedly this was all part of a very covert operation, although Mathias would be the first to admit he didn't understand the purpose in sending an entire division for a cover op. Regardless, his communications officer, Leutnant Korbinian Schmitt, handed him a message directly from OKW.





Congratulations on completing amphibious operations exercises. Load your men, including the Schwarze Korps, onto the Kriegsmarine transports and return to Alvonia. A full after-action report is expected upon your arrival in Szczecin.


Oberkommando der Wehrmacht


"Exercises". Right. Most exercises Mathias knew of didn't involve building temporary ports. Regardless, he soon gave the order to withdraw, and the KM Eisenstadt gave word to the third cargo ship on its way to link up with the main fleet at Veracruz, where they would refuel before sailing back to Alvonia.


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