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The diplomats land in the town of Arcachon, as directed by the French Coast Guard, where they are met by the Mayor of the place, the most important official in the directly available area. He offered a hand as the diplomats got out of their small ship, entirely too excited to be an integral part of the larger foreign affairs service at large through random coincidence. He was, of course, looking to use this as a springboard to greater political success, "Hello your Excellency, it's an honor to host you today."

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The Brazilian diplomat kept a poker face at the servile nature of the Mayor; this kind of speech was not even considered appropriate when speaking with the Premier back in his homeland. Nevertheless, he was on a mission, and this Mayor needed to be impressed.

"Hello, thank you for hosting us." he said, with a grin. "As I said earlier, we are from Brazil. We recently fixed our communications infrastructure, radar, satellites, and the rest, and have been cut off from the rest of civilization for a long time."

Pausing to stroke his beard, the thin but muscular diplomat, dressed in military drab, continued to speak. "I have, however, heard much of France from your citizens abroad, as well as from our own tourists who once visited. Tell me, what have the French and the rest of Europe been up to? Who is now your president, and will we be able to meet them in Paris?"

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"Ah, you are mistaken monsieur, a constitutional monarchy has been established in place of the Republic." The mayor says, "We have reestablished the might of France through the leadership of our Empress, the strongest in Europe by far." He smiles, "We've begun to reunite with our estranged colleagues and allies the world over, it's an exciting time to be alive, apart from the nuclear war that is. Europe has maintained itself at peace, with few minor hiccups along the way, despite the general chaos of the greater portion of the world."

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"Nuclear war, huh?" The diplomat seemed unsure of himself, having heard little of the outside world for so long. However, he reasoned that no states would be so bold and stupid as to repeat the mistakes of the not so recent past, and so figured the Mayor must be referring to the Great War. Although if the Mayor was to be believed, the Republican traditions of the French had been squashed under the iron heel of an Empress, so anything could be possible.


Continuing without waiting for response, he pressed forward. "In any case, we're happy to hear that Europe has been peaceful for the most part. We haven't had much of a chance to visit the rest of it yet, although we did notice that Portugal has not survived as your people or ours have, which we find most unfortunate. We are also looking to establish friends, allies, and trading partners in this brave new world."

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"The Iberian has been a very quiet place in general lately." he says, "Rolled into one state to ensure their continued survival, rather odd all things considered, although stranger things have been happening lately, but anyways, come with me, we'll see if we can make friends between our nations."


The Mayor led the diplomat to a waiting limo, opened the door for him (A long way away a young lady presently accompanying the representative from Britain got an itch on her palm) and gestured for him to enter.

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The car took them to the Courthouse, a rather small thing, but then again, it didn't deal with any problems that would warrant a larger size. Wordlessly he led them into it, as it contained his office as well as the normal functions of the place. When they reached it, he sat behind his desk and waved his hand at one of the chairs in front of it, "Alright, I received a phone-call from Her Highness before you landed on what I am and am not allowed to give you at the present time as a promise, since there was no one more qualified in the area to receive you. So, what is it that you would like to discuss, as long as I am representing the nation of France?"

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The diplomat and Mayor tirelessly worked to produce an amicable treaty. It was looked over by the Empress and signed, before heading back with the diplomat and his ship/comrades to the Brazilian mainland. It passed through the Congress of States, albeit barely, before making it up to the Premier herself. She signed it into law, and the French were notified of this via secure correspondence.

To promote the general welfare of both states and their respective people, the Third French Empire and Confederacy of Brazil, henceforth referred to as "the signatories", do hereby agree to the following;

Article I: Friendship

Subsection I: The signatories will solve differences outside of battle and refrain from warfare against each other.
Subsection II: The signatories will consider requests for humanitarian, technological, or financial aid, based on the need of the other signatory.

Article II: Military

Subsection I: The signatories will share intelligence that they deem relevant to the continued security of the other signatory.
Subsection II: The signatories will consider requests for military aid if the other is attacked by a third party, be it foreign or domestic.
Subsection III: The signatories will consider requests for military aid in the event that a preemptive-strike is necessary for the security of one or more signatories.

Signed on behalf of the Third French Empire,
Jeanne de LeQueu, Empress

Signed on behalf of the Confederacy of Brazil,
Priscila Ferreira, Premier
Second Congress of States

And thus, an era of cooperation between the two states began.

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