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"It's Confirmed. Texas has a Governor."


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The State of Texas




Lights flickered on broadcasting dashboards. The air in the newsroom was tense while raw data was translated into election results that could be reported to the public. Counties began to come in so fast the numbers could not be tallied but then it was decisive when Harris County came in. Texas had a Governor. 


"Senator, FOX 29 claims to know who won the election. I think you should come watch." Anthony set down his coffee and turned around. It was close to midnight. He and many of his friends were gathered at his home in Amarillo to wait for the election results to come in. This was a bit later than everyone expected but mostly everyone was happy to hear that the suspense was about to end. For Anthony, he was more nervous than ever. Right now he was a State Senator who was little known before his gubernatorial bid. He could win, and be the most important man in the State, or he could lose and his political career would be stagnated. He had given up a lot to get to this point. And now he was just moments away. 


Anthony walked into his living room where his friends were huddled around the TV. One of them grabbed Anthony by the arm and brought him over. They watched the intro to the news channel's hit evening program. The camera zoomed in on a young blonde woman and her equally aged male counterpart. The man was holding his hand to his ear as the camera came close and then lowered his hands; folding them before he spoke. "FOX 29 can now confirm that Anthony Sparks, the Republican from Amarillo, has been elected Governor of the State of Texas. We have a governor." Everyone in the room turned to Anthony and cheered while a more booming cheer could be heard from outside. A platform was set up in Anthony's driveway so that he could address the crowd of his supporters outside. In nine hours he would be sworn in as governor.


OOC: I am now RPing Texas! My news posts will go into the Plains Federation news thread but feel free to congratulate the Texas government on electing their first governor here. 

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The Ukraine welcomes Texas and hopes it does good in the future as a new governor takes office.



"The Dominion of the Severed Hand congratulates Governor Anthony Sparks and welcomes Texas to the world."


- Domid, Foreign Minister



"The Republic of Italy welcomes the Texas government and wishes it best of luck."



"The rest of the Plains Federation congratulates Texas on this momentous occasion."



"The Southern Cross congratulates one of North Americas' political microcosms on its successful show of democratic due process."


"On behalf of Governor Sparks, the rest of the State Government and the people of Texas I thank foreign dignitaries and the Federal Government for their recognition of the democratic process here in Texas.  The Lone Stare State is open for business."


Nick Leaves

Secretary of State of The State of Texas 

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