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Come the day, and come the hour.

King Timmy

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It had been a long awaited day in Ireland. Much of the population had wondered when they would be able to rise up from the darkness their country had been lingering in. Now they finally had an answer. Today was to be the day when they would discover who had been chosen to lead their nation back to it's former glory. The election had happened not two days ago and the results, kept a guarded secret until now, were about to be released. It was time. The stage was set outside City Hall on what was a particularly good day in Dublin. The crowds had been gathering steadily since the early morning and they had been treated to the most sunshine the capital had seen in two weeks. 


The 7 potential candidates took to the stage along with the announcer and other party officials, their moods ranging from anxious to excitement and everything in-between. The announcer stepped forwards to the microphone and began to speak, "Ladies and gentlemen," his voice was quivering, not even he could escape his nerves today, "I am proud to be able to announce the results of the general election for The Republic of Ireland." Another man walked from the side of the stage and handed him an ornate envelope which had been sealed since the count had been finalised the night before. Removing the seal would not have taken as much effort had it contained anything else, this was quite easily the most important envelope the man would open in his life however. As he slowly tore the seal from the envelope, the crowd seemed to fall silent almost instantly. He removed the results and the silence continued.


"In 7th place," he began, "gaining 7 seats and with a 2.8% share of the votes, the Socialist Party led by Peter O'Malley." There was a smattering of applause. "In 6th place, gaining 9 seats and with a 3.6% share of the votes, the United Left party led by Sean Higgins." He continued to read the results and, in what seemed to take an age, arrived at second place. Fine Gael and Labour were the two remaining parties in the race. With 197 of the 250 seats remaining, either party would need 126 of the seats to be ruled a majority and win outright. The announcer spoke for the final time, "In 2nd place, gaining 68 seats and a 28.4% share of the votes..." He paused. The crowd were now more silent than they had ever been, every sneeze and cough drew angry faces as if they were intentional distractions. "Fine Gael, led by Seamus Doherty." Even before he had finished the sentence the crowd had burst into an uncontrollable excitement. The cheering would go on for sometime, even as the announcer read how the Labour party led by Arthur Connelly had won 129 seats and a 51.6% majority.


Arthur was given a standing ovation by his fellow party leaders as he took to the microphone for his acceptance speech, "Brothers and Sisters," he began, "Today is a momentous day in the history of our proud nation. You have decided that you want a better Ireland, a newer Ireland and a more relevant Ireland. And let me tell you, that is exactly what you are going to get. Some thought my pre election promises were too far fetched, that they would never work. But you, the people, have decided that they are what you want. Now, it is exactly what you will get. Thank you to each and every voter, to my fellow elected officials, and especially those party members that volunteered to campaign up and down the country. You alone have made this possible. Thank you."


A triumphant cheer erupted as he stopped speaking but it was cut short. The band began to play, and the crowd began to sing.



Come the day 
And come the hour 
Come the power and the glory 
We have come to answer 
Our country's call... 
From the four proud provinces of Ireland


Ireland, Ireland 
Together standing tall 
Shoulder to shoulder 
We'll answer Ireland's call.


The party would go long into the night. Ireland was finally back to where it should be.



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"The Rise of an independent Ireland once more serves as proof all people should be allowed fair and free ability to make their own decisions, without outside pressure."

-Osamu Saito, Imperium of Japan MoFA

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