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Factbook of Kraljevina Jugoslavija


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The Flag of Heirs of a long forgotten Empire

Краљевина Југославија / Kraljevina Jugoslavija

General Information
Official Name: Kraljevina Jugoslavija (Краљевина Југославија) (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)
Official Demonym: Jugoslaveni (Југословени) (Yugoslavian)
National language: Srpski (српски) (Serbian)
Official National Anthem: Bože pravde (Боже правде) (God of Justice)
Official Motto: Jedan narod, jedan kralj, jedna država (Један народ, један краљ, једна држава) (One Nation, One King, One Country)

Government Information
Government Type: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
--- Head of State: HM Kralj Dragojev Dusan Belojevic
--- --- Regent: Petar Ðordevic Božovic
--- --- --- Crown Prince: Alexander Karadordevic
Great Council: Veliki Savet (Велики Cавет)
- Internal Affairs and Telecommunications: Borivoje Vladislavic Kovac
- Justice: Jadran Markovic Mlakar
- Foreign Affairs: Dražen Zoric Cižek
- Finance: Bor Goranic Klements
- Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Sava Lukavic Jovanovic
- Health, Labour and Wellfare: Bako Vlasic Lompar
- Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Vlatko Ilic Jankovic
- Economy, Trade and Industry: Zlatan Pavlovic Pukar
- Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Ajla Pavlovic Pukar
- Environment: Sonja Gavrilovic Stanislavic
- Defense: Milenko Petrovic Božovic
- Navy: Jela Radic Zorica
- Orthodox Christianity: Patrijarh Irinej
- Roman Catholicism: Archbishop Marin Srakić
- Sunni Islam: Grand Mufti Husein Kavazović

Administrative/Demographic Information
National Capital: Beograd
Largest City: Beograd
Major Metropolitan Areas: Zagreb, Skopje, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Pristina, Ni, Split, Podgorica, Rijeka, Tuzla, Bitola, Nikić
Population: 22,275,684 million
Ethnicity: 41.01% Serbs (Srbi), 20.42% Croats (Hrvati), 9.81% Albanians (Albanci), 9.44% Bosniaks (Bonjaci), 7.37% Slovenes (Slovenci), 5.97% Macedonians (Makedonci), 1.47% Montenegrins (Crgnogorci), 4.51% Others/undeclared
Area: 255,804 km2
Gross Domestic Product (total/p.c.): $200,060 billion/$10,655
Currency: Yugoslav dinar / динар (YUD ЈYд)
Drives on the: Right
International calling code: +38
Internet top-level domain: .yu

Diplomatic Ties & Treaties:
Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts
Directorate of Alvonia: Central Powers


Mutual Defense Pacts
Aidennic Alexandria: Brothers of the Faith (Solely within the Mediterranean)
Great Lakes Republic: Protectors of Africa (Capable of being expanded upon)


Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts
Eastern Asian Imperium: East and South Compact
Hungary-Slovakia: Hungarian-Yugoslavian Pact


Optional Defense Pacts


Non-Aggression and Trade Pact

Zapadnaya Respublika: Non-Aggression and Trade Pact


Non-Aggression Pact


Economic Pacts

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Coat of Arms of the Jugoslovenska Vojska
(Consists of the Royal Yugoslavian Army, Air Force and Navy)

High Leadership:
Commander-in-Chief: HM Kralj Dragojev Dusan Belojevic
Councilor of Defense: Veliki General Josip Broz Tito
Councilor of Navy: Veliki Admiral Jela Radic Zorica
Chief-of-Staff: General Ljubia Diković

General Staff:
Army Commander: General-Potpukovnik Aleksandar Živković
Air Force and Defense Commander: Brigadni General Ranko Živak
Navy Commander: Admiral Andrija Andrić
Serbian Training Command Commander: General-Major Đokica Petrović

Armed Forces:
Military Ground Forces:
Total Soldiers: 685,500

Military Army Structure:
Size of Fireteam:
- 5 Soldiers

Size of Squad:
- 2 Fireteams
- 10 Soldiers

Size of Platoon:
- 2 Squads
- 20 Soldiers

Size of Company:
- 5 Platoons
- 100 Soldiers

Size of Battalion:
- 5 Companies
- 500 Soldiers

Size of Regiment:
- 4 Battalions
- 2,500 Soldiers
- 50 Tanks
- 50 Mechanized

Size of Brigade:
- 2 Regiments
- 5,000 Soldiers
- 100 Tanks
- 20 Artillery
- 100 Mechanized

Size of Division:
- 5 Brigades
- 25,000 Soldiers
- 500 Tanks
- 100 Artillery
- 500 Mechanized

Size of Corps:
- 3 Divisions
- 75,000 Soldiers
- 1,500 Tanks
- 300 Artillery
- 1,500 Mechanized

Size of Field Army:
- 2 Corps
- 150,000 Soldiers
- 3,000 Tanks
- 900 Artillery
- 3,000 Mechanized

Size of Army Group:
- 6 Field Armies
- 900,000 Soldiers
- 18,000 Tanks
- 5,400 Artillery
- 18,000 Mechanized

Number of Fireteams: 137,100
Number of Squads: 68,550
Number of Platoons: 34,275
Number of Companies: 6,855
Number of Battalions: 1,371
Number of Regiments: 274
Number of Brigades: 137
Number of Divisions: 27
Number of Corps:9
Number of Field Armies: 5
Number of Army Groups: 0
Military Navy:
Total Naval-craft: 51
Military Airforce:
Total Aircraft: 480
Military Airforce and Naval Structure:
Composition of Naval Fleet:
3x aircraft carriers
4x cruisers
4x landing ships
5x battleships
6x frigates
8x destroyers
9x submarines
12x corvettes
Equipment Composition of an Aircraft Carrier:
2xTM-1 Galaki
4xARUiKM Sentri
4xERM-1 Provler
12xHSCM-1 Seahavk
12xHMS-1 Seahavk
56xLM-1 Orao (4 Squadrons of 14)
Missile Armament:
1/3 ASM's
1/3 AAM's
1/3 HARM's
Equipment Composition of a Landing Ship:
3xHPM-1 Seahavk
3xHTSM-1 Seahavk
20xLM-1 Havk (2 Squadrons of 10)
Missile Armament:
1/3 ASM's
1/3 AAM's
1/3 HARM's
Military Equipment:
Ground Forces Equipment:


Armoured and Mechanized Vehicles:







Domestic Military Assets:
Domestic Defense Import/Export Agency:
Jugoimport SDPR

Located within Bosnia:
Zrak, Military-grade Optics Manufacturer (Supplier)
Igman, Small arms ammunition (Supplier)
ORAO A.D., jet engines and parts (Supplier)
Unis Promex, Military armament, ammunition and equipment Manufacturer (Supplier)
BNT Travnik, Small arms ammunition (Supplier)
GINEX Gorazde, Small arms parts of ammunition (Supplier)
BINAS, Small arms ammunition (Supplier)
FSV Fabrika Specijalnih Vozila A.D, (Spare parts for all types of combat vehicles and tank M-84) (Supplier)

Located within Croatia:
Đuro Đaković Holding d.d., Civilian Vehicle Manufacturer (Supplier)
HS Produkt, Small-Arms Manufacturer (Supplier)

Located within Macedonia:
None at the Moment

Located within Montenegro:
TARA Group, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer (Supplier)

Located within Serbia:
Vojnotehnički Institut Beograd, Military R&D Institute
Yugoimport SDPR, Military Hardware Export and Importer
Tehnički opitni centar (TTC), Military Testing Center (Does Civilian Work on the side)
Feniks, Aircraft Manufacturer (Formerly Ikarbus)
Utva Aircraft Factory, Producer of General Aviation Aircraft (Supplier)
Fabrika automobila Priboj (FAP), Automotive Manufacturer (Supplier)
Zastava Arms, Firearms and Artillery Manufacturer (Supplier)
Prvi Partizan, Ammunition Manufacturer (Supplier)

Located within Slovenia:
None at the Moment


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