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The Story of Triyuber


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The Chronicles of Triyuber


Triyuber was a lonely rhinoceros. He lived in a zoo in Brussels, and one day Triyuber noticed a large hole that got in his fence. Triyuber was not dumb, he was a smart rhinoceros. When it was time for the zoo to close, Triyuber watched the camera circle around and when it was off him, he huffed and stomped his feet and made a lot of dust fly around. He then dodged outside of the fence and made a run for it through the zoo gates.


Triyuber had earned his freedom, and was walking on his way down the road when he noticed some people walking. Triyuber was a young adolescent male and approached the people playfully. When the people got scared, Triyuber stomped his feet and attacked them. Scared of the crime he just committed, Triyuber made an escape for it to the city. He was now a outlaw and on the run. Triyuber went down to the city park where he found some teenagers all around a rhinoceros statue.


The teenagers were in an odd state of mind and thought the other rhinoceros was a hallucination. Thinking the statue was a female, Triyuber growled at the teenagers to let them know that they were in his breeding grounds. The teenagers tried to run but Triyuber attacked them and so began his rampage on Brussels. This was war.

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Molly's Goat is at home, a nice little two story brownstone in Tribeca, lovely neighbors, great view, and it is a short walk to Central Park with acres of fresh green grass to eat. On Molly's twitter feed the story about Triyuber pops and a poor Molly's Goat nearly ruptures a blood vessel in outrage. A rampaging Rhino in the streets of ol' London town?


The world's mightiest time traveling, quantum leaping, four hooved beast of fury did what any irate goat does. Molly's Goat went and a got a hoof-a-cure.

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