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The New Desolate Order

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The New Desolate Order Declares its Existence for Round 30.



We seek oasis.  In the desert world of Planet Steve, the only way to have an oasis, is to build it.


The New Desolate Order emphasizes teamwork.  Coordination.  Activity.  Effective building, military development, and combat.  Even if you are new to the game, you will find our spirit and camaraderie is welcoming and warm, like the sands of the Sahara that we wander with our scimitars at our side, our camels saddled.  Our more experienced members can help you maximize your potential rapidly and lead you to the oasis that we strive for.  We find what we seek.


Round 30 is going to be a historic round.  There are lines being drawn, and there will be bloodshed.  If you have the honor, integrity, and commitment to step up into the ranks of the New Desolate Order, you will be adding to a rejuvenated and ready force that will change this world for the better.


We are located on a subforum of the New Polar Order website; registration on the site is required to access the forums and be accepted into the NDO.  Our public access channel is #sahara on irc.coldfront.net - feel free to drop in if you have questions, or if you just want to chat.  Any Government member will have Ops in IRC and can assist you.


NDO's Government for Round 30 is as follows:



Nick GhostWolf



Irish Republic


Minster of Defense


Deputy Minister of Defense


Minister of Foreign Affairs


Deupty Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sir Edward

Minister of Internal Affairs


Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs


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Also, I would like to point out that, as per some administrative changes, we now have a dedicated IRC consulate on Coldfront.  The channel is #ndodiplomacy and is open to diplomatic representatives from any alliance - whether a seasoned and ancient AA or a new micro, or anywhere in between.  We simply ask that you be courteous, mature, and respectful, and use the channel for it's intended purpose of diplomacy (idle chat is fine too!)

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