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The TKR Alliance

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i'm simply asking for experienced members who can receive a position in the High Chain of Command in order to get a stable launch.

for those of you who are interested or just checking out / wanna apply for diplomat: http://z13.invisionfree.com/The_Keepers_Republic/index.php?(note the forums are still under construction).






We aim to balance the current era and promote prosperity and trade between alliances and nations we also hope to reduce the high percentage of tech raids around the community and we do this starting by ourselves, although we promote balance, if provoked, we will use deadly nuclear force to destroy our enemies.



The Charter of The Keepers Republic:
Section I: Leadership
->Section I.I: Ranks
There can only be one president and one vice president, when and if the president is not available to complete any tasks required from him/her, the Vice President is required to take an action.
There four main ranking ministers:
- Minister of Economy
- Minister of Internal Affairs
- Minister of External Affairs
- Commander of the Military
- Minister of Recruitment
-In different cases it is the ministers duty to take action to complete a task that is given to him/her 
In cases related to the economy of an alliance the minister of economy is to take action Etc.
In case the Minister/Commander is not available to take action one of his/her Apprentices can take action.
These ranks are called the High Chain of Command(HCC) 
->Section I.II: Orders/Tasks
Tasks given by the HCC HAVE to be reasonable and any members of the HCF who give Unreasonable or charter Breaking orders are to be suspended and deranked 
to Apprentice rank.
->Section I.III: Decisions
Decisions are to be made using majority voting, However, if rushed decisions need to be made then the P/VP OR The Ministers/Commander can declare the decision when the HCF is confident about it.
->Section I.IIII: Members
Members are expected to be able to learn from their mistakes, the following is expected from a member:
1. Loyalty
2. Respect
3. Manners
4. Ability to learn
5. Activity
Disrespect to members and/or being ill-mannered can cause a Suspension/BAN.
Section II: Economy
->Section I.I: Trades and Tech Deals
Trades and Tech Deals can be performed(and Encouraged) with allied/neutral alliances.
Trade circles should be set up ASAP to ensure healthy Growth of the alliance and members should be encouraged to sell/buy Tech.
->Section I.II: Economy Crisis
Should there be an economic crisis (During or after war), The following actions Should be taken:
-> Request help from allied/friendly allies.
-> Ensure maximum trade efficiency.
-> Reduce recruitment to reduce expenses.
->Section I.III: Charity
In case we prospering we should help alliances in need and alliances we support.
We should tend to our own before tending to others
Section III: War And Military
->Section I.I: Military
At any given time The Keepers Republic should maintain an effective and strong military and Nuclear Arsenal, in the case of war the alliance should be ready to fight in short notice.
->Section I.II: War
In War the members of the alliance are to fight except for the following:
- Re-builders/Banks
- Personnel Commanded to Surrender/ Or stay in peace mode.
->Section I.III: Tech Raids
!!!!Tech Raids are strictly not allowed and any such attempts are to be dealt with by banning!!!!
- We promote less tech raids.
The Last Section: Alliance Disbandment and Change of HCF
->Section I.I: Alliance Disbandment
Should the alliance ever need to be disbanded(May it long live) then the following actions must be undertaken:
- Removal of bonds/truces with other alliances
- Majority vote
- Approval of The HCC
->Section I.II: Change of HCF Staff
The HCF Staff can be changed on the following conditions:
1- Majority Vote
2- Corruption(Misuse of authority, poor performance, leaking info to enemy alliances)
3- Approval of HCC
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