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HAM radio enthusiasts, truckers, and government spy agencies would be treated to the following broadcast on what the foothills of Mt Cotton would be a warm, glorious Saturday Afternoon:




This Message Repeats: To our fellow travelers in the world, greetings. To those who give the poor home, greetings. And to the powers that rule upon the earth, greetings. We, the citizens of Harper, have held a vote here in the township, along with other villages here in the hill country, to bring this territory into new governance; our own. As Speaker for the Mt Cotton Collective, I, Robert Lansing, was elected by Harper's citizens to give this address. The time has come for us to stand on our own two feet, as a region, and as a country; to pay heed to the calls of liberty, and do for ourselves, outside the governance of any outside force. Therefore, let it be known that the Free State of Greenstone has declared itself to all peoples, powers, and principalities.  We also solemnly declare a declaration of Neutrality and Non-interference in the affairs of all peoples outside the territories which so voted with us.  Let it be known that our community office is open and reachable by post or telephone. For the near future, the people of the Free State will determine what, if anything, we shall have in place of a 'national' government, and determine, each for each, the structure, or non structure, of their community governments. May the people of  Te Waipounamu embrace this opportunity for freedom. We implore any and all interested parties to visit the township, or the surrounding area, and see for yourself what a people governed without malice or greed are capable of. Thank you for listening. This Message Repeats....





OOC: I'm claiming the South Island. I may extend my claim north to the future once my borders justify it. Let this also be considered my request to the 'owner' of the area to play my game here.

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Intelligence reports would indicate that of the total population of the region, less than five hundred men and women could be found who belonged to any sort of defense association of Greenstone. Of these, about one hundred and fifty were sworn Law Enforcement Officers who were the voted security establishment of the various communities. Of the rest, all were men and women put forth by the community to form various action groups with various tasks, to include digging wells, repairing old bridges, and serving, at last, desperate need, as the Free State's militia. An informal, non-activated force, they were sparsely officered, voted into power by the 'unit' (though these units were formed out of the towns, rather than from 'national' recruitment), and were only identifiable through a path sewn onto the shoulder's of vests which had been donated by the Mt. Cotton Collective; a black patch, symbolizing a flag, with a single A in the middle, white on the top, green on the bottom; surrounded by a closed circle. At the present moment, the only 'national' officer was the Speaker, Robert Lansing, and his deputy, Rebecca Fremont.

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The Free State Of Greenstone, via HAM radio, announces an Interim Government:



This Message Repeats: On behalf of the voted, free, and independent people of Greenstone, an interim government has been formed. The following citizens were chosen by voice vote by representatives of each town, city and village that could get to Harper within the allotted time. Robert Lansing, citizen of Harper, has been confirmed as the Speaker for the Free State. He will hold office for six months, and act as a representative of the nation to outside forces, and call matters to a vote at any time the citizenry's rights, freedoms, or lives might be infringed upon. One hundred people, fifty men and fifty women, chosen by their communities, have been named to the Assembly. Rebecca Fremont has been confirmed in her title of Acting Officer of the National Militia, and may call up all sworn men and women of the Greenstone militia upon majority vote of the Free State, or to react to an invasion. And finally, Ms Anahera Ataahua has been named Monitor of the Interim Government; as one of the founding members of the Mt Cotton Collective, she will be the accountable government officer responsible for dissolving the Interim Government if at any time it takes a tyrannical approach. Thank you. This Message Repeats...

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