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All Against All


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All Against All is having a very troubled time at the moment. Metabolic it's founder left and since then the alliance hasnt improved. Here are the problems:

1) There is a complete lack of growth

2) There is a lack of activity on our forums by the members except for a selct few.

3) Our recruitment efforts fail

4) We do not have an economy. No one is strong enough to fund our alliance.

Any suggestions and tips of how we can sort these problems would be much appreciated.

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There isn't a quick fix for this. You need to find members who are active on your forums and IRC. Also without at least one bank to build you, you're never going to be able to grow as an alliance as quickly as you like. Creating an alliance with nothing but low NS nations is a recipe for failure as you will become stagnant and find it difficult to lure others to your alliance.

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I would say try to get all your members to build their NS without aid because it cant be given, once you reach a high margin then try to recruit, don't worry to much about it just try to keep your members steady.

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You guys can merge with The World Order:

The World Order Merging: Procedures and Regulations


The merging alliance will be given 60 days to change their Alliance Affiliation to "The World Order

The World Order will be the sole Alliance Affiliation of any alliance that merges with us, and the alliance will shut down their forums and use ours.


Contact me here or in-game (my nation) and I will set-up the forum with the political party's topics.


The alliance merging into The World Order will become a political party with its own password protected forum.

The alliance flag will become the political party flag which can be selected from "My Controls" -> "Edit Personal Info" and to the drop-down box titled "Political Parties".

The link in my signature is our forums.

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Here what you do....

Pick 2 nations on the top of your alliance, get all your members to send 500k-1 million of saved taxes to that nation until the can reach about 1 million after taxes (Around 2k inferstructure and 200 tech). But doing that ever 3 days they can both shell out 3 million to nations and help you guys grow creating larger nations.

Or you can get your lower nations to sell tech and make money to build, there is so many possibilities just think :popcorn:

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