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Deck of Cards


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We are Deck of Cards...we're in the White Sphere...

We have a running card theme throughout our alliance. From the charter right down to the very unique "cards" ID which members have. e.g. Jack of Diamonds or King of Clubs.

We are looking for members if you are interested in being recruited. We are looking for nations that can be active on our forums and IRC.

Our Charter

Deck of Cards – Articles of Confederation

Our Declaration: We the people of these diverse nations come together in an association for both our own profit and to build a Confederation that will give us something to make CN less of a boring tax collection game. While all members like to grow their own gardens, membership means that you will put the profit of the alliance before your own when called upon to do so. Our governing style is that of a Popular Bureaucracy; power is vested in the elected managers of each Department. We have two governing documents. The Articles which define our structure and participation and The Edicts which enumerate our rules.

Article One: Structure of Government

Based on a classic structure, our Alliance is organized into Four Suits and led by Eight Face Cards and The Dealer. The Eight Face Cards form the Voting Circle. Each Face Card is moderator of their forum section, if any. The Dealer and King/Queen of Spades moderate all areas of the forums. Public Areas and Common Private Areas are moderated by all Face Cards.


King/Queen of Hearts – Responsible for recruitment and admission to DoC.

Jack of Hearts – Responsible for training and education of members.

*Foreign Relations*

King/Queen of Clubs – Responsible for our treaties and all foreign relations.

Jack of Clubs - Responsible for organizing our military and defending our nations.


King/Queen of Diamonds - Responsible for matters relating to our money.

Jack of Diamonds – Responsible for counting things. Counting Members, Listing Resources etc. This person is responsible for statistics.


King/Queen of Spades – The arbiter of all matters internal. Moderator of all forums.

Jack of Spades – Will maintain a newsletter and make all public announcements.

*The Dealer*

The Dealer may call veto votes of Face Card actions and decisions. They are the tie breaker of any vote. They are the figurehead of our alliance. They have no day to day duties.

Article Two: Election of Government

Election of Face Cards: Face Cards serve a two month term. Elections are held every month with Kings/Queens being elected one month, and Jacks the next. Election is by popular vote of the general membership. Elections are administered by The Dealer.

Election of The Dealer: This position is an appointment to an indefinite term. Any Face Card, within three days of their election or re-election, may call for the election of a new Dealer. Nominations may be submitted by any Face Card. The Jack of Spades does not participate in the voting. In the event of more than two nominations, elections are re-run until four (4) votes are received by one nominee.

Article Three: Scope of Powers

All Face Cards are granted complete and total authority in their designated area. That which they say goes. Their actions may only be vetoed by Majority Vote of the Face Cards. Only The Dealer may call these votes. The Dealer may place any action or decision of a Face Card on hold pending a vote of the Face Cards.

Article Four: Limitation of Powers

Offensive action against an alliance of more than 10 members may only be initiated by the vote of five (5) Face Cards and agreement from The Dealer.

Face Cards my be removed from office by Majority Vote of the other Face Cards and agreement by The Dealer.

Article Five: Membership

Membership is a privilege not a right. Entrance is at the sole discretion of the King or Queen of Hearts. All Entrants must be indoctrinated. Passing from Entrant to Full Membership is at the sole discretion of the Jack of Hearts.

Article Six: Expulsion

Any Face Card may nominate a member for expulsion. All nominations must be seconded by another Face Card. Confirmation of Expulsion is then confirmed or denied by The Dealer.

Article Seven: Absolute Declarations

Forum Behavior: Don't be a !@#$@#$ prick. Seriously don't. The Face Cards are given wide latitude to moderate the forums as they see fit but encouraged to allow a free flow of debate, some insults, common profanities, and general gregariousness. There is no penalty for minor transgression, your post will simply be deleted or edited. Gross willful intent to offend members will get you shot on sight.

Generosity: Members are not taxed. All Tech and Donation Deals must first be proposed within the alliance. No response within 24 hours allows you to pursue transactions outside the alliance. Overpaying to keep transactions inside the alliance and reward our lower ranked members for participation is not just encouraged, it's expected. Failure to do this by Richie Nations will get dirty looks and probably some nasty forum posts. Judge your wealth in comparison to other nations in this alliance, not the game as a whole. Remember our goal is to build the alliance, not your nation. Know that money spent by someone half your size goes twice as far to build our alliance. There are no requirements of generosity other than what is socially acceptable. Any demands of money from a member to another personally, w/o cause, will result in them promptly being shot in the face.

War: In the event of an alliance war, you are required to participate militarily unless you've previously been granted an exception and alternate service by the Jack of Clubs. War debts are part of war, and not optional. You are required to pay war debts as scheduled by the King/Queen of Diamonds.

Tech Raiding: Tech raiding is currently prohibited on all nations with an Alliance Affiliation consisting of more than ONE (1) member. This limitation will be constantly reviewed and adjusted by the Jack of Clubs. It will be posted on the forum index, in the War Area title.

Article Eight: Amendments

Amendment to the Articles is by majority vote of the Face Cards. Only The Dealer may call for such a vote. Suggest your changes to them.

Article Nine: Edicts

Face Cards may each issue a set of Edicts. These declarations carry the force of Law and are equal in effect to the Articles of Confederation unless in violation of them. To have effect, they must be posted both in the List of Edicts and in the portion of the forum they apply to.

If your interested join us at our forums;



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