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Carolinas and Georgia Unification Process


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OoC: If this seems a bit rushed or whatever just remember I am terrible at DoEs:OoC

"Shortly after the collapse of the Empire of Pravus Ingruo, local governments from South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia met together to discuss possible unification. Such states had been quite close, though not obvious from the outside nor inside, and allies united as one would be a very pleasurable future.

A representative from each county of each territory gathered into Charleston to discuss the general politics of the possible nation.

A [b]GENERAL OUTLINE [/b]of the agreed upon terms:

[b][size="6"]Political Outline[/size][/b]:

The signators hereby agree that;

- The unified states will abide under democratic republic, consisting of a judicial, legislative and executive branch;

- The judicial branch is hereby made up of the county courts, the territory courts and the head court;

- The legislative branch is hereby made up of local community town house voting stations*, a territory government consisting of a democratically elected territory council, and a council elected territory governor, the parliament, consisting of members based on county population, the upper parliament, of which ten per territory are elected, and two heads of parliament, all elected by the people.

*Town house voting stations are, by legal definition approved of by the Georgia-Carolina meeting of 2016, “[i]A county voting house in which local, concerned citizens actively participate in local government by voting on budgets, local projects and local laws, and any other legal issue that is contained to the county in question. County courts can overturn any town house ruling. Furthermore, if the head court decides a county is breaking national law or endangering its people, it may overturn or modify a decision as it sees fit. Territory councils have no power over county townhouses[/i].”

-The executive branch hereby consists of a Prime Minister and Vice-Minister, elected directly by the people, the Minister’s Cabinet, appointed by the Prime Minister with approval from the upper parliament, and all federal agencies directly owned by the government, which are established through permission from the parliament and upper parliament.

- Terms are as stand: 6 years for count judges, 8 years for territory judges and 12 years for head judges; 2 for territory county councilman, 4 for territory governor, 2 for parliament, 3 for upper parliament, 3 for heads of parliament, 4 for the Prime Minister and Vice-Minister and their respective cabinets.

- Furthermore, the people have enacted term limits. A man, woman, goat or any other democratically elected organism may serve as follows: 4 terms as county judge, 2 terms as territory judge, 1 term as head judge, 4 terms for territory councilman, 2 terms as territory governor, 4 terms as parliament, 2 terms as upper parliament, 1 term has head of parliament, and 2 terms as Prime Minister and Vice-Minister.

- Political parties are hereby banned by the courts of Carolina and Georgia. As Greenville County spokesman Harold Cheve says, “[i]Political parties server no purpose but to limit free thinking and divide the people of our nation. To permanently uphold our integrity, honor and unity, we must abolish political parties and incriminate those who attempt to create such wicked destroyers of kingdoms[/i].”

- To provide fair election choices, corporations, individuals and non-government organizations are hereby banned from donating to any candidate. To add, candidates cannot use their personal monetary gains to fund their political campaign. Any candidate found attempting this will be permanently eliminated and banned from any public office, banned from townhouses and be charged with treason in the head courts. Furthermore, to avoid corruption, the government will provide all election footage and do full interviews with candidates. In this sense, the media cannot destroy a candidate’s career with false images. THESE RULES DO NOT APPLY FOR COUNTY LEVEL COURTS. For courts beyond district levels, the government will set a sum of $5,000 for each territory judge running and $50,000 for each head judge, adjusted for inflation. For territory councilman, a sum of $10,000 will be given, for territory governor, a sum of $45,000 will be given. For parliament, a sum of $15,000 will be given. For upper parliament, a sum of $30,000 will be granted. For Prime-Minister and Vice-Minister Candidates, a sum of $100,000 will be granted. To cope with these costs, the a 15% tax will be placed on the salaries of government members until it is fully paid back. The donations are negotiable for lower prices. The people will vote on a later to be set number of candidates to run as to avoid the government handing away too much in cash. Stealing government supplied election funds is treason.

- Salaries are as chosen: $50,000 for territory judge, $150,000 as head judge, $55,000 as territory councilman, $115,000 as territory governor, $85,000 as parliament member, $125,000 as upper parliament member, $150,000 as head of parliament, $200,000 as Vice-Minister, $200,000 for each member of cabinet, and $250,000 for Prime-Minister. Prices adjusted for inflation. These are negotiable

- All members of government receive free healthcare, social security and retirement benefits.

- Parliament may remove the Prime-Minister, Vice-Minister or any Head Judge. The Prime-Minister may overturn Parliament’s actions. The Head Court may nullify any of the executive or legislative decisions.

[b][size="6"]Economic Issues[/size][/b]:

The economic issues of this country are up to constant debate, and the constitution will not support any view.

[b][size="6"]Social Issues[/size][/b]:

- Slavery is permanently banned.

- A person may not be denied public service based on race, gender, nationality, religion, military status, age, sexual orientation or disability. Private companies and services may, while discouraged, cater to whom they please, on the other hand, with the restriction being they must have access and accommodate the disabled.

- It is unlawful for a government agency to terminate or to hire based on race, gender, nationality, religion, military status, age, sexual orientation or disability. Private services and companies are also prohibited from denying a job or terminating a job based on race, gender, nationality, religion, military status, age, sexual orientation or disability.

- It is up to the counties to decide on local marriage age.

- It is up to the counties to decide on local marriage rights.

- It is up to the counties to decide on local drug legalization.

- It is up to the counties to decide on local abortion legalization.

- A person has the right to freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom to protest and organize, freedom to bear arms, freedom from jurisdiction for religion or sexual orientation, freedom against unreasonable or unwarranted searches and seizures, freedom to courts, freedom to trial by jury, and freedom from cruel punishments and bails.

- Alcohol is banned.

- The government cannot censor the internet, magazines, news reports, television, literature, video games or music unless said item is breaking international law or is considered obscene beyond reasonable measures.

- All citizens have a duty to quarter soldiers in time of need.

- Any issues not mentioned here are up for debate in government.

As the constitution stands today, each member from each county will be given one (1) vote, to nullify or approve the constitution. If the majority (60%) of the counties in a territory approve the constitution, it is thereby enacted in that state. If the majority (60%) of the counties in a territory nullify the constitution, the state is thereby booted from the union unless 2/3 states vote to nullify the constitution. In that case, the constitution will be revised.

Votes are to be cast and will be counted shortly. [u]Goodnight[/u]."

Ooc: If something is nonsensical or there are contradictions or something is just plain outright stupid, please do PM me about it and I will fix it.

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The Empire of Pravus Ingruo would like to note that we are still present, we did not collapse, merely retraced our borders to those who agree with our policies. However, we congratulate the former states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia on their unification and hope their union is prosperous. We do offer the condolences to some of our brothers and sisters, however, at the loss of the right to enjoy alcohol. We shall toast your memory with our finest wine.

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"The results of the votes are in, and have been counted:

In North Carolina: [color="#00FF00"] 94/100 Voted In Favor of the Constitution [/color]

In South Carolina: [color="#00FF00"] A Unanimous Vote of 41/41 In favor of the Constitution [/color]

In Georgia: [color="#FF0000"] 89/151 Counties Voted In favor of the Constitution [/color]

Talks are underway to save Georgia.”

[size="6"]Saving Georgia[/size]

After Georgia’s majority decisions to nullify the agreed upon constitution, six delegates from the most populous counties of the Carolinas decided to meet in Atlanta, Georgia with five Georgian officials to discuss what Georgia exactly wants written down.

Kevin Harp, a businessman turned politician from Charlotte, shook hands with former Georgian farmer Johnny Ray.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Harp. I am glad we were not kicked from the Union and we’ll be allowed to sit and have a civil talk.” Ray flashed a toothy grin at Kevin.

Johnny Ray definitely did not fit into the farmer stereotype. His teeth were whiter than cotton, and he had a narrow, bony face. Ray had his long, straight brown hair combed back along his head, exposing the entirety of his forehead. He was certainly a sight to see, a walking freak show one might describe. Definitely not the friendliest looking man you could say.

The Charlottan smiled back. “Indeed, a pleasure it is. Now, on to business. Let’s start blunt: What exactly do you find wrong in our agreed upon constitution?”
Before the farmer could get a word out, another representative from Georgia laughed. “Ya won’t let us have any beer, that’s what!”
Harp lowered his glasses to look at the man speaking. He was definitely not one made for formal attire; it simply looked silly on it. The drunk’s gray beard dropped to his stomach, and his hair was nearly as long, waving down his back, almost to his thighs. To add to it all, he was extremely fat, so much that he was pushed away from the table.

‘Georgia has a lot of weird looking people.’ Kevin smirked to himself at this thought, and turned back to Harp.
Ray, though, was glaring at the old man behind him. “Oswald Craiggs, will you shut up! This isn’t playtime, we’re here for real, adult, grown up politics. Stop kidding around and let me speak god dammit!” Craiggs wasn’t fazed by John’s rant, he was even still grinning like a fool, but he did have the sense to keep quiet for the moment’s time.

Turning back to Harp, the farmer smiled apologetically. “Sorry for that Mr. Harp, it seems I’ve been a bit stressed these last few days.

“Now, as I’ve said, back to business. Our main issue with this constitution is one we brought up back in Charleston. What’s been bugging us is the ability for counties to decide on abortion, marriage laws and drug use. While this may work in a larger union, our counties are so small in size that a person can simply buy and use their drugs in another county, or get an abortion or marriage in another county in mere minutes. This seemingly kills any power to the people, as its pretty much void. We suggest bringing these three issues to a territorial level. Each townhouse will count votes, and the majority of votes will win. In this sense, we’re still allowing direct vote from the people on local issues, but the laws will actually take effect and be effective.”
Kevin turned himself to speak privately with his fellow colleagues. After a few agonizing moments of hushed whispers, the North Carolina representative looked at Ray.

“Alright, we agree to change the constitution accordingly and reenact a vote. Any more issues?”

Ray reviewed his papers for a minute. “Ah, yes. A minor issue, but we suggest lowering all executive salaries by $15,000. They simply seem far too high for us.”
Harp grimaced, then shook his head. “We’ll agree to $10,000, no more. We don’t want to bankrupt our owner government leaders remember.”

Craiggs himself jumped back into the conversation. “Reasonable enough! I’m sure as I speak on behalf of my territory we are fine with this compromise! Also, may I put an issue in?”

John shook his head to signal ‘no’, but Oswald continued anyway. “Allow the people to choose their territory’s alcohol laws. Power to the people you’ve always

Kevin grinned. “If it’ll bring you back into the union, we’re willing to allow territorial laws on alcohol. Have we got a deal men?”
John shook Kevin’s outreached hand. Harp stood up and looked out the nearby window. “Right then. We’ll revise the constitution as we’ve agreed upon, and a new vote will take place. Wonderful meeting with you gentleman.”


"Good afternoon. The revised constitution votes are as is:

In North Carolina: [color="#00FF00"] 98/100 Voted In Favor of the Constitution [/color]

In South Carolina: [color="#00FF00"] A Unanimous Vote of 41/41 In favor of the Constitution [/color]

In Georgia: [color="#00FF00"] 148/151 Counties Voted In favor of the Constitution [/color]

In this such agreement, the constitution and has been revised and Georgia has entered the Union. An official Declaration of Independence will arise soon."

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