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Unity of Different Worlds


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Continued from [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=106858&view=findpost&p=2852244"]This.[/url]

TO: The State of Clustania
FROM: Federation of Arctic Regions Government
SUBJ: Trade/Relations
DATE: 11/26/11

We will accept the invitation and the government will be set out to Ar Tonelico immediatly.

Espen Varin[/code]

Not too long after the government of FAR set out on a journey via Private Jet to Clustania in order to meet with the government there.

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Preparations in advance were made by the Provisional Government, and Representative Akinari Shimanouchi was put in charge of receiving the delegation. This was to the be first experience Clustania would have with foreign governments, and the Provisional Government refused to let this opportunity to interact with other governments go to waste, they didn't want to screw it up either. This was an opportunity to let a foreign nation see the slowly transforming capital of Ar Tonelico, as well.

When the delegation's flight began it's landing procedures, it'd be received by the control tower at the only international airport in Clustania: Ar Ciel International Airport. As they began their descent, the control tower would radio their commands and finalized it with a simple, yet humble: [i]You are free to land, and welcome to Clustania.[/i]

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The Aircraft lands and the FAR Minister of Foreign Affairs, The FAR Minister of Economics, and The FAR Minister of Defense were led by President Varin. They stepped off the aircraft, and The Cargo on the air craft let down a Black 2011 Audi A8 L, which Varin would drive through Ar Tonelico to the capital building in order to meet the Govenrment of Clustania.

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Upon the delegations arrival, fanfare would be present in a spectrum one would expect from the country's first international delegation since it's foundation. The national anthem of FAR played, followed immediatedly after by Singing Hill - EXEC HARVESTASYA -. The appearance of the band playing both national anthems back to back would be interesting to those who didn't live in Clustania on a daily basis. The interesting tidbit wasn't in the garb the band was wearing, which looked like something a traditional European band would wear for ceremonies, rather... it was the obvious differences in the faces, the cultures, the races of those in the band. Among it's numbers were those of native descent, along with those of German, Dutch, Italian, and Japanese, along with quite a few others.

Akinari Shimanouchi would greet the delegation as they walked past the fanfare at the gate, and escorted them through the airport. It wasn't exactly the grandest airport in terms of architectural design, but it was still beloved and considered beautiful by the general populace who passed in and out of it every week. As Shimanouchi directed the delegation towards the glass doors and let out a rather dazzling smile, he looked into the eyes of each of the delegates, one at a time and said:

[i]'While this might sound strange for me to say, outside this door you take your first steps into our world. The experience might be a little exhilirating, and the amount of cultural diversity could take your breath away on first seeing it. This place is a haven for people of all walks of life, and I hope you'll enjoy your tour with me, and the meeting with the provisional government at the Governate in the next couple of days.'[/i]

Finishing his words he quickly pointed into the distance at the large tower referred to as the 'Governate', the seat of Clustania's power, then dropped his arm and began to walk them to the limousine waiting outside the airport for their arrival. This could prove to be quite the interesting spectable.

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