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Pestilence decries its neighbor's cries for death


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The Pestilence senate today sided with its revered leader, Legalluc and refused to pass the death to pests bill.

Legalluc, citing the evidence showing that illegal immigrants are less likely to trample the lawn if disease carrying pests abound, hailed the senate's refusal to pass the bill.

As to the neighboring countries clamoring for an end to the diseased rats crossing into their countries from the borders of Pestilence, Legalluc said, simply, "eat it, really, I mean it, they taste like chicken".

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The residents of New Budsland would soon find themselves in open revolt at the dastardly temerity of their leadership's decision to feed them infected rat's meat. A particularly grim incident of a school boy losing touch with reality due to the toxins within the rat's flesh hits the local news channels like a wet turd in Kaiser Marten's mouth, with lots of lip smacking.

Turds set aside the reports indicate that the young lad attempted to perform fellatio on an elephant whilst touring the zoo with a group of nuns. The nuns managed to pry the lad's desperate paws off the terrified elephant and rendered the lad unconscious with a long boring lecture on the evils of marijuana consumption.

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