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Hello all. We here at Paragon have been chugging along quite nicely since the last time we made our announcement (something like 6 months ago), and we do like to keep to ourselves. However, many of our embassies on our forums have become quite inactive - some that hasn't seen any posts in over a year! And many embassies on our boards are for disbanded alliances that I've been too lazy to delete :ph34r:

If you are one of the alliances below and would no longer like to keep an embassy on our boards, please notify me via this thread so I can delete it. Alternatively, you can request a diplomat mask and start posting in it :)

Link is at: http://www.cn-paragon.net

The Rosicrucians
New Polar Order
[s]Forte [/s]
New Pacific Order
Union of Communist Republics
NEW Embassy
Europa Embassy

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