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Something kinda petty and spergy


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Population density (PD) is messed up.

My nation says my PD is 99.84 with land at 733.11 mile [b]diameter[/b] with 73,192 Supporters. (rounding everything to 2 decimal places for the sake of my accounting-based brain)

I realize the current formula used to determine PD is Total Supporters / Land.

But this is completely wrong if our nation's are truly circles, as indicated by the fact that the land value is the diameter.

If the land value is a diameter, then my "true" PD is 0.17 population per mi[sup]2[/sup] as calculated...

Diameter = 733.11 ; Radius = 366.56
Area = πr[sup]2[/sup] = 3.14 * (366.56)[sup]2[/sup] = 3.14 * 134,366.23 = 421,909.96 mi[sup]2[/sup]
PD = 73,192 / 421,909.96 = [b]0.17[/b][/quote]

So basically, the easiest way to fix it is to change the wording on the nation page from saying "733.109 mile diameter" to "733.109 square miles" and the PD message at the top of the page to say "Your population density of 99.84 per square mile is at a good level at this time."

Edit: For the record, I'm not asking for any formulas to change, just like 3 or 4 words. [size="1"](it shouldn't be that much of a hassle...)[/size]

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