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  1. KingShibby

    Happy Boxing Day

    It's not [s]news[/s]funny, it's Fark.com Anyways, welcome to the party pal.
  2. KingShibby

    Announcement from Non Grata

    Sounds like NpO is gearing up for war. They have 65 nations (23.72%) in peace mode and rising.
  3. KingShibby

    Announcement from Non Grata

    Non Grata
  4. KingShibby

    Something kinda petty and spergy

    [quote name='admin' timestamp='1316657934' post='2805614'] Oh God, this again? Didn't we go over this 5 years ago? [/quote] Yeah, but seriously. Just change like 3 words and nobody will ever sperg over this again
  5. KingShibby

    Something kinda petty and spergy

    Population density (PD) is messed up. My nation says my PD is 99.84 with land at 733.11 mile [b]diameter[/b] with 73,192 Supporters. (rounding everything to 2 decimal places for the sake of my accounting-based brain) I realize the current formula used to determine PD is Total Supporters / Land. But this is completely wrong if our nation's are truly circles, as indicated by the fact that the land value is the diameter. If the land value is a diameter, then my "true" PD is 0.17 population per mi[sup]2[/sup] as calculated... [quote] Diameter = 733.11 ; Radius = 366.56 Area = πr[sup]2[/sup] = 3.14 * (366.56)[sup]2[/sup] = 3.14 * 134,366.23 = 421,909.96 mi[sup]2[/sup] PD = 73,192 / 421,909.96 = [b]0.17[/b][/quote] So basically, the easiest way to fix it is to change the wording on the nation page from saying "733.109 mile diameter" to "733.109 square miles" and the PD message at the top of the page to say "Your population density of 99.84 per square mile is at a good level at this time." Edit: For the record, I'm not asking for any formulas to change, just like 3 or 4 words. [size="1"](it shouldn't be that much of a hassle...)[/size]
  6. KingShibby

    An announcement from CA

    Have fun watching your alliance be converted into a parking lot. Anyone ignorant enough to send aid to Methrage deserves to be destroyed.
  7. KingShibby

    IRON Announcement

    What a wild shakeup of the political landscape
  8. [quote name='Domingo the Honored' timestamp='1309307930' post='2743772'] Are there any members of GOONS who are capable of baking yummy cookies? [/quote] It depends on the type of cookies. If they're of the "special" variety, then we'd have to defer to our allies at Umbrella. If they're just regular cookies, we do not have enough female members to produce good cookies.
  9. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1309299630' post='2743661'] Yes, it was only fitting, goons love to eat, like we're eating reparations now. [/quote] Like me for example. I am fatter than [img]http://i.somethingawful.com/404/egad.jpg[/img]
  10. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1309299340' post='2743648'] So when are you going to repay all of those dongs Umbrella lent you? [/quote] THAT WAS NEVER A PART OF THE AGREEMENT!
  11. [quote name='agni365' timestamp='1309299221' post='2743644'] look at that sexy flag [/quote] :frogout: Also, why do you guys suck so much?
  12. KingShibby

    Nuclear Proliferation League DoE

    [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1307483661' post='2726379'] Best of luck recruiting our raid targets. [/quote] Just remember what your constitution says about your membership application policy...
  13. KingShibby

    Spring Cleaning at GOONS

    Spring Cleaning has been completed, and the following embassies have been removed from our forums: [list] [*]Asgaard [*]Global Alliance and Treaty Organization [*]Green Old Party [*]\m/ [*]Multicolored Cross-X Alliance [*]Mostly Harmless Alliance [*]North Atlantic Treaty Organization [*]The Foreign Division [/list] We're sorry to see these embassies go, and we encourage these alliances to start posting again and we can easily setup a new embassy for you.
  14. KingShibby

    Spring Cleaning at GOONS

    [quote name='ImperialCubanacan' timestamp='1305845739' post='2715172'] I am glad Nordreich has such positive relations with GOONS; they would never remove our embassy. GOONS + Nordreich = black love. [/quote] GOONS + Nordreich + Sparta + Umbella = Big Black Orgy
  15. KingShibby

    Spring Cleaning at GOONS

    [quote name='William Bonney' timestamp='1305823836' post='2714987'] I'll ask him if he wants some back up, he taught me a lot you know. [/quote] tbh I think there's enough NPO diplomats on our forums already...