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Planning an Andorran Future? (Closed me and Jesbro)

Maelstrom Vortex

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King Geoffrey was in the Royal gardens, pruning a few rose bushes normally maintained by the Palace staff. But he was bored and he was awaiting the arrival of a governor of a region of growing importance.

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Geoffrey nodded, "I am calling you to make you aware we may be in the process of obtaining governance over Andorra. If we do, I am thinking of promoting you to Duke of a newly formed region of joint Andorra - Pyrenne Orientele. This will give the region harbor access and some autonomy as I recognize the people there have their own cultural identity."

Paul bowed briefly, "I would be honored my lord. I grew up down there and know the people well."

"Then if we secure the region in our dialogue with Athens, I will contact you to assign you title. In the ceremony you will make your oath of allegiance to the crown. Not that I do not know you are loyal already, it's part of sealing your title." Geoffrey said while pruning a dieing bud from the rose bush he was currently working on.

Paul nodded, "I understand my lord. I shall not let you down."

"Very well, that is why you have been called here, so that you may prepare. Return home and await notification. Continue to perform your duties as you have in past exemplary fashion." Geoffrey trims a few dieing leaves from one of the rose bushes.

"I shall my lord." Paul affirmed

Geoffrey nodded, "Very well, you are dismissed, thank you for your time."

"Yes my lord." Paul then leaves the garden and heads to the chopper waiting for him on the landing pad.

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