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North American Hockey League

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The North American Hockey League is a new, major professional hockey league with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. The NAHL is currently seeking teams interested in participating in the League's inaugural season. All cities bidding for a spot in the League ought to have a viable ownership model (either a large corporation or a wealthy individual capable of spending millions of dollars on his team), an arena capable of seating 16 000 fans or more and a metropolitan area with a population of approximately one million people or more. Exceptions may be made, but hopefully will not be required. There is no limit to the number of cities that may apply to join from a single nation.

[b]Application Form[/b]
[Put Logo Here]

Team Name:
City Name:
City Population:
Team Owner:
Team Arena:
Arena Capacity:

[b]OOC: This league is going to be primarily RP driven, though game scores will be determined by a random number generator. For the purposes of this league, one year=two months, and a season will run for six weeks with a two week off-season.[/b]

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Team Name: Quebec Remparts
City Name: Quebec City
City Population: 820 000~
Team Owner: Sports et Divertisement QueComm, a division of QueComm, Quebec's largest telecommunication company.
Team Arena: Colisee de Republique
Arena Capacity: 18 540

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(OOC: I do have time now)

Application Form

Team Name: Clarenville Caribous
City Name: Clarenville
City Population: 10,274
Team Owner: Canadian Club Whisky
Team Arena: Clarenville Events Centre
Arena Capacity: 8,000

Application Form

Team Name: St. John's Maple Leafs
City Name: St. John's
City Population: 1,792,041
Team Owner: Air Canada
Team Arena: Memorial Stadium
Arena Capacity: 12,000

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The League is somewhat concerned about the viability of the Caribous. At roughly 10 000 citizens Clarenville is at approximately ten percent of the desired population for a League city. Additionally, we feel as though an 8000 seat arena wouldn't be able to provide enough profits for a team in this league.

The same arena size concerns apply to Memorial Stadium. Would you be willing to look into expanding the Memorial Stadium to seat a larger crowd?

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The Newfoundland government thinks that it would simpily be easier to build a completely new stadium. The project is currently being planned and should be completed within a few months. As for the Caribous, a substitue team would be the Labrdor Legionnaires, also owned by Canadian Club Whisky:

Team Name: Labrador Legionnaires
City Name: Labrador City
City Population: 1,024,412
Team Owner: Canadian Club Whisky
Team Arena: Labrador City Arena
Arena Capacity: 20,000

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[center] [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/12/Boston_Bruins.svg/200px-Boston_Bruins.svg.png[/img]

Team Name: Boston Bruins
City Name: Boston, Boston Federacy
City Population: 4.500.000
Team Owner: The Kennedy family
Team Arena: Liberty Arena
Arena Capacity: 40.000 standard, can be opened for 102.000

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