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  1. I honestly don't get what all the hemming and hawing is about as it changes absolutely nothing in the long run.  It's not like "were it not for Fark's DoW in name only, STA would be able to crush all of their opponents"...all it's doing is spreading war slots out.  As you might have noticed, this coalition is going more crazy with the DoWs than many previous simply because it prefers the ability to spread out the slots and make sure everyone is well covered.  I mean there are other strategic and political implications, but none of them expressing nefariousness or disdain for their opponents (at least not STA).


    Again, I like STA and I know damn well they'll bounce right back to 4m before blowing it on the next war regardless of how bad they get dogpiled this one.

  2. Wait...what? :blink:


    This thread confuses me, both with Pez's first post and the actual intent of the OP.  


    I gotta go break out the treaty web and see how it's possible that IRON entered on this side...


    But I do like STA, why we gotta be so hostile to each other?

    That goes for all of you :(( Schatt :((


    Also, they have removed the old :(( smiley, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  3. To whom it may concern:

    As the last (I believe) remaining member of the now retired alliance The Jedi Order, I hereby order you to CEASE AND DESIST using our good name for your horrible alliance.  You have neither proven yourself worthy of the name, nor convinced Doitzel to come back and make this place somewhat interesting again.  Continued use of the unofficial trademark will result in...problems, though possibly not as problematic as your obvious inability to understand how Planet Bob works.  My advice: disband and join a competent alliance to learn how stuff works, then try again with a different name.




  4. Just as well, I have no problem with TOP's declaration. I don't have any strong feelings about Polar's declaration either, though I feel there could have been more justice with the CB (or at least just be truthful about the currency of it)


    Doesn't matter, we both hate each other and we're bored, isn't that enough?  Both sides have had CBs sitting around just waiting for the right time.  We just happened to find an opportune time before they did.  I mean people have wised up and mellowed out, so there's no such thing as an old CB anymore.  People don't actively spy and if they do it's unilaterally punished.  People that nuke rogue are typically unilaterally punished.  People that post mean things are also unilaterally punished.  Every old CB is unilaterally punished nowadays, there's no good reason to go to war unless you want to, then the reason is good enough.

  5. No one's making the argument that EQ is some sort of bloc, just the one that you were simple enough to be outmaneuvered and get your collective asses kicked last war.  If it happened once, it can happen again.


    Silly, silly people in this thread, but it's to be expected.  OWF certainly ain't what it used to be.

  6. Basically, the entirety of this project will depend on who's drafting, because people will automatically value people that they know/were hot shit when they started playing, so if we have people from different time periods it'll be all over the freaking place, whereas if we get all old people from similar circles it'll get interesting as the options wind down quickly.

  7. I had fun getting nuked by full wonder nations less than a month after I created my nation.  Haven't had that much fun trying to eke out whatever advantage I could since...WotC probably.


    Anyway, as expected, members of the losing coalition are trying to console themselves and point the finger indirectly ("Look at how well I/we did, it's not OUR fault we lost, must be yours."), but what do you expect from children.


    All in all, this is probably the most clear cut and fun war we've had here on Planet Bob in a long time, and I was glad to be a part of it.

  8. I don't hate the NpO, but I do know about the History of CN (General bits, the founding of the NpO, NPO, GATO, major conflicts, Dark Ages, etc.) In fact, deth2munkies, I do care about both spectrums of how the World sees the Polaris/Pacifica. It is fundamental to realize how CN evolved and how it effects us now. An old, wise man said, "To forget about the past, is to forget about the future"

    Should have read more history, you might have noticed how many guide-stealing CBs there were out there in the old days.  Good to see you being honest though.

    I have never deflected the fact that I could not care less about PNU. In fact, I care nothing about them at all. What I do care about are catch phrases like "xxxxxx has always been acceptable"... coming from people who speak as though they are here to protect the sanctity of some unwritten rules in CN while handpicking the same unwritten rules they wish to totally ignore. It really is my only interest in this thread. The broader discussion was started because, for some unbeknownst reason people tried to question my objectivity, even after I freely admitted I have none.

    Unwritten rules are all we have.  Social acceptability of things is completely determined by how the masses perceive them, which is why FA, spin, and the OWF are so important.  In the past, guide stealing has been perceived as something that is a war worthy offense.  In the past, refusal to accept diplomats to discuss grievances has been a war worthy offense.  In the past, people who break the rules they accepted when they joined an alliance has been a war worthy offense.
    What "unwritten rule" are we breaking here?  You're just making shit up now.
    For the record, I do know that you're merely posting to elicit a hostile response and have nothing of value to add to the discussion, but I'm bored enough to actually respond to you.

    You seem to think that I should just forget my extensive personal history with NpO and pretend like it never happened...blah blah blah.

    No, I don't, but I don't think using personal grievances as a basis for a rational argument against something is a good thing to do.

  9. Dude, sneezing in the wrong direction has been grounds for war since the beginning of time. It does not make it a good reason. You also totally ignore your alliance's history with diplomacy. It is NOT an uncommon feeling from alot of alliances on BOTH sides of the current global war, that "diplomatic overtures" from your alliance have a long and storied history of failing miserably, and seldom because of the other party involved. You literally expect everyone to just accept that your diplomacy is in good faith (it may be, and I  believe you WANT it to be)... but it is nobody's fault but your won alliance's that most people are skeptical.



    "I hate the NpO and my friends hate the NpO so it's likely that this person hates the NpO in which case he has every right to steal your stuff and refuse to talk to you."  Are you kidding?  This guy is obviously new, he has no history, he doesn't care that you or other people in the past don't like the NpO.

    You're trying way too hard here.  I don't care how much you hate someone, if you're not going to talk to them when they have a legitimate grievance towards you, then you can't expect them to not act on it.

  10. To expand on what Grub just said, it's funny that people are focusing on one part of the DoW and not the rest of it.  All of this is just typical strawman tactics by the opponent.  Turn "This guy broke multiple rules that he agreed to including: being in multiple alliances at once and copying guides, then acted with hostility when diplomacy was attempted and is now getting his ass kicked" into "this guy stole guides and is getting killed for it" makes it a lot easier to argue with, but it doesn't make it the truth.

    Rush:  Stealing guides has always been grounds for war since the beginning of time.  Nowadays we usually handle it with diplomacy, diplomacy failed here, thus we are at war.  No more, no less.


    Also, the one liner "why would anyone want Polar's guides?" was old before it was posted on the front page, it's now tiresome, stop.

  11. So you guys couldn't get your alliance in gear fast enough to join the big blanket DOW from the beginning?


    More likely a second wave sort of thing.

    I find it funny that the people are basically bitching about a technicality.  From what I can tell of the treaty web, they're coming in on the same side as they would have normally on a valid target in the grand scheme of things.  All you're doing is bitching about the technicalities.


    Have fun old buddies.

  12. Jeez Scatt, can you leave VOX out of this one? It can be said that VOX enabled your present enemies to flourish.

    Not really.  The Vox ideals are pretty much contra any massive authority figure.  It's not inconsistent to oppose the current power structure using some of the same rhetoric as the old one.


    Best of luck to my former alliance mates, may you strike down your enemies with Justitia's Fury.

  13. Jesus, really? I hate hearing stuff like this.

    Moo was one of the people I most loved to hate. I jumped on the anti-NPO bandwagon pretty early in my tenure here, and he was always the evil overlord to my plucky hero. The few times I actually got to talk to him OOC, I figured out he was an awesome human being in addition to being the evil overlord.

    He will be missed.

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