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  1. Wait this is a game? Whine* also I dont care u can go feck off What are you gonna do hit my CN nation, like I'd care.
  2. Your not wrong, but this game also sucks
  3. "Makes a joke" Some tard: *cant take said joke* (I'll wait for your response in 3 months)
  4. Actually since nobody plays this !@#$ anymore and yall have no rep, this game is gay.
  5. Hello players of CN, my name is MinesomeMC I'm a well known player on the game Politics and War. I have a question regarding GOONS, an alliance that migrated from here to PnW recently. Their presence is unwelcomed as they've harrassed several of us and recently have been involved with a large scandal regarding costing someones job by claiming they are a pedophile. Currently they are the most disliked alliance in the game, but are protected by the vast NPO-Black Knights sphere. If you have any info regarding GOONs and their behaviour and what they've done here. Please feel free to let me know. Thank You, MinesomeMC
  6. Ayy epi, I tok am a well known PnW player. I'd recommend joining the game if you are bothered with this one.
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