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  1. Senator Ross

    Change Senator Formula

    He has a point. What if in TE team Senate could declare war on other teams and be to only one to me peace lol make it fun
  2. I request a favor for my vote for the rest of the year. Ask me and I play but edition s
  3. Senator Ross

    Hungry Like The Wolf Accords (ODOAP)

    Ok now everyone join pink team and vote me into the Senate seat lol
  4. Back when you could battle all day. Or get like five hits till they hit back then you could hit. Remember them days? Now this only two hits hurts the fun of war :-(
  5. I only join teams that get me in a Senate seat. Been playing since day one. Then left for the real army and got back to this.
  6. Senator Ross

    World Freedom Federation

    WFF Hooah don't y'all play TE look for me in a good way The Osean Federation©®
  7. You need at least 25 senate votes in order to create team messages. How are we to do anything as a Senate? This is hurting the smaller teams. Can't make team msg or sanctions what's the point? Its not like the standard edition.