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  1. Good fight FAN & Friends. that was fun and mutually beneficial! keep em' clean and oiled, and of course Death to NoR.
  2. TurnipCruncher, The only thing that is disgusting are the totenkopf and SS men featured in your shitty uncreative propaganda. "hey guys let's take a NSDAP poster, replace the swasti and crudely paste NoR in the corner! cuz that's how we roll. 88 HH!
  3. Redneck are you a Kanye fan? I noticed you have his flag in your avatar. o/ arriba elesef
  4. Facts are facts Pax Animi. I don't think acknowledging my statement was a productive use of your time. I'm going to throw my hat into the gun pirn ring now. it's a mosin 91/30 http://imgur.com/CkNIcBY
  5. OG triple OG original. Uncle Lan, one of those FAN dicks pushed my bike down and said it was a bike for poor kids...
  6. I was wondering when the American public school system's interpretation of communism was going to emerge. Hey the 2nd biggest high school in all of Arkansas is not a source of quality education :p Remember comrade McCarthy died a sad drunk alone in the world. All power to the noble worker! Up the beers. Up the UCR
  7. My thoughts are,Craig what are your thoughts on this?
  8. Way to try and dispatch a wounded animal. Die Linke will always be here o/
  9. I'm glad everthing has been cleared and all cats have been released from bags. INT are busters.. Arriba Die Linke!
  10. Wow what a fake ass announcement.. Die Linke stands 3/3..
  11. Also the issue at hand doesn't really seem to be spying, it's infiltration and trying to take control or influence how UCR acts. Even worse if than regular old spying if you ask me. Let us not forget that this ^ is what happened here. I like how almost instantly people blamed DieLinke for something. INT seems to think they are hanging serious dong
  12. o/ Long live Die Linke and our inimitable Danish Supermodels
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