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  1. why you dissapear? :'(

  2. how you been? hows the weather where you are?

  3. I would probably sell down to your range if you weren't a member of Ronin.
  4. So Mogar is like the person version of Legion?
  5. The world has taken a turn for the worse since Neutral Shoving and shark week disappeared.
  6. [quote name='Amyland' timestamp='1310071847' post='2751615'] Keep you eye out. Soon ill pass by, then I'll be too big to be raided [/quote] Will do.
  7. [quote name='Amyland' timestamp='1310070366' post='2751591'] Go ahead. [/quote] You're too small
  8. [quote name='Mr Damsky' timestamp='1310020249' post='2751224'] Sorry, but shouldn't you be focused on protecting your own nation's borders from sabotage and intelligence gathering moreso than pointing out the flaws in other alliances? The Defender of Legion told me you were the easiest person he's spied on yet. [/quote] Defender of the Legion should be aware that this is my 3rd nation and with this puny poor nation i burnt his cohorts' 1000+ year nations with ease.
  9. Bilrow's GGA. If only Legion had it's own PC to balance it out.
  10. [quote name='Chalaskan' timestamp='1309938421' post='2750235'] You have a view that is really based on a bunch of nonsensical mud slinging from those that do not like TOP. Been talking to a "certain crowd" I imagine...go figure. TOP is rather well trusted by it's allies, and many more . As I stated before, you are doing your alliance no favors because you aren't defending them. You're helping others mock them, and pissing off bystanders... [/quote] You should know that his line of reason seems compatible with the rest of his Alliance's line of reason. What he's saying is pretty much L
  11. [quote name='d3filed' timestamp='1309874019' post='2749338'] It's not only our members. [/quote] It's mostly Schattenmann.
  12. Don't get mad. NoR needed a punching bag anyways and i don't think 3 inactives and 1 member constitute an alliance (cue HoT)
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