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  1. why you dissapear? :'(

  2. how you been? hows the weather where you are?

  3. The world has taken a turn for the worse since Neutral Shoving and shark week disappeared.
  4. Don't get mad. NoR needed a punching bag anyways and i don't think 3 inactives and 1 member constitute an alliance (cue HoT)
  5. Lord Velox

    Casual Nonsense

    Islamic Terrorism has more to do with Euro-colonialism than American intervention.
  6. You should've honored the wind god like in shogun 2. serves you right
  7. "BUT I THINK THE 100 ISRAEL HAS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS". Nah every nation currently in possession of nukes has more than half a brain. you have nothing to worry about especially regarding India and Pakistan.
  8. Unless it took 15 minutes
  9. Yeah i've noticed you've made funny spelling mistakes.
  10. You're assuming atheists don't have a reason to live because they do not profess faith in god? that's one retarded argument. "A True reason to live" a true reason? true by whom? you think only your way of life is true if you really want to get to people you should try sounding less condescending. You're really bad at that whole E-Missionary crap. btw i'm a religious person and i believe in god and i found this entire WoT to contain retarded arguments and nothing more.
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