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  1. Iron Will

    Mars Map missing

    its working now, thank you so much!
  2. Iron Will

    Mars Map missing

    https://imgur.com/15wRnPE clearing cache didnt help unfortunately
  3. Iron Will

    Mars Map missing

    well blimey, I've tried Chrome and IE. I'll clear cache and try again.
  4. Iron Will

    Mars Hotspot

    I may have broke my mars map? Can someone post the entire move URL address?
  5. Iron Will

    Mars Map missing

    bump again, i really need to move my mars base please
  6. Iron Will

    Mars Map missing

    um help? That other player got a 1 day turnaround
  7. Iron Will

    Mars Map missing

    same issue as this thread: Iron Will of Kintokarachi Nation_ID=579396 I've gone a week without being able to move the base....
  8. I am going DOWN on you, MOtu..... I mean... YOU ARE GOING DOWN!
  9. Iron Will

    Nicest Person on CN

    MHAs Gamer, God rest her soul... /me give cookies to all
  10. Iron Will

    Why the Karma War has Kept Me in the Game

    In the future, i'd like to see color-blocs carry more weight than what has been more prevalent in the past. Seems every sphere creates a color-based bloc, that simply gets ignored with the "larger" and more important treaties get activated. I want turf war - not treaty web hell.
  11. Iron Will

    Official Citadel Announcement

    Congrats to some of my best friends on Bob |o| Argent |o| Citadel
  12. Iron Will

    Announcement from Frostbite

    evil is good |o| tie hails for us
  13. Iron Will

    Peace for NADC and Zenith

    o/ Argetn
  14. Iron Will

    Declaration of War

    Expected: Jedis only fight in defense. o/