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Sanctioned Alliance Pips Restored




With a bug in the forum software preventing us from managing them fixed, sanctioned alliance pips are now restored.


The following alliances are eligible for pips:


  1. New Pacific Order
  2. Independent Republic Of Orange Nations
  3. CLAWS
  4. New Polar Order
  5. Freehold of The Wolves
  6. Orange Defense Network
  7. Viridian Entente
  8. Green Protection Agency
  9. The Legion
  10. The Dark Templar
  11. Mostly Harmless Alliance
  12. Global Alliance And Treaty Organization


If one of the above alliances is without a pip, or if you would like the old one to be changed to a different image, please send the new image to @Mithrandir @Otto Pilot @socrates and/or @Sentinel.


Pip content must abide by the forum rules and the images must be in the .png format with dimensions no larger than 150x50 pixels.



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