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  1. Mithrandir

    Sanctioned Alliance Images

    Just to confirm, you want GATO's pip swapped to that one? (Current one shown below.)
  2. Mithrandir

    Sanctioned Alliance Pips Restored

    With a bug in the forum software preventing us from managing them fixed, sanctioned alliance pips are now restored. The following alliances are eligible for pips: New Pacific Order Independent Republic Of Orange Nations CLAWS New Polar Order Freehold of The Wolves Orange Defense Network Viridian Entente Green Protection Agency The Legion The Dark Templar Mostly Harmless Alliance Global Alliance And Treaty Organization If one of the above alliances is without a pip, or if you would like the old one to be changed to a different image, please send the new image to @Mithrandir @Otto Pilot @socrates and/or @Sentinel. Pip content must abide by the forum rules and the images must be in the .png format with dimensions no larger than 150x50 pixels.
  3. Mithrandir

    Declaration of War

    So much for this derailed train...
  4. Mithrandir

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    Hi @Mogar. You can send a PM to @admin @Otto Pilot @Sentinel @socrates and myself if you would like to talk. Discord doesn't work very well for paying attention to separate player and moderator accounts.
  5. Over the past few months the moderation staff has been monitoring a large ring of multiple/shared/gifted accounts. We wish to inform you that we have "corrected" the actions of those involved and removed the tech sent by the illicit nations. As a reminder each individual person playing the game is allowed to have one nation. You may not use proxies, virtual private networks, or other tools to evade this rule. You are also not allowed to transfer your account to another player upon departing the game or share your account with other players. Thank you. Edit: Since humor is lost on some people, the Reynes were an arrogant and overconfident house in A Song of Ice and Fire who rose up in defiance of the law and were subsequently punished for their actions. The situation (or situations if you want to consider our cleanup last night too) here is similar given what those in question have done with their desire to run multiple accounts in defiance of the game's rules.
  6. Mithrandir

    Nordreich’s leader is racist

    The preschool is that way, children.
  7. Mithrandir

    Name change donation

    Please send admin a forum message if you're still having issues with this @Kingofracing.
  8. Mithrandir

    Unable to sell land

    You don't actually have 100 land, the game rounds values for infrastructure, technology, land, etc. when displaying them. Your actual purchased land amount is roughly 99.999559609214. That said, there is not much of a practical reason to sell it, if you had a higher infrastructure level would would likely need even more purchased land due to the automatic growth not being enough.
  9. Mithrandir

    Donald Trump Jr - First Joint Address to Cybernations

    This thread appears to have gotten rather out of hand. Locked.
  10. Mithrandir

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    It would appear that this train is heading off the rails. It'll need to get back on the rails or be decommissioned.
  11. Mithrandir

    Nation Sitting

    That should be fine, yes.
  12. Mithrandir

    Friend on shared WIFI

    From the game's terms and conditions:
  13. Can I get my account back like for real I did nothing wrong 


    Unless this counts as having two accounts you and you brother have an account on the same wifi is that a band offense cause if it I never read that ok the rules


  14. Mithrandir


    Having multiple nations isn't allowed. If you want you can post in the appeals forum.
  15. Mithrandir

    The Purge

    Warns, warns, and more warns!