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The Great One Thoughts #1




This is an insane chaotic world we live in. Not just the real one, but Cyber Nations too! How can we live without love inside our hearts and spread it everywhere?


1. Donald Trump is the hottest topic of the year. Who is this man? Is there a CN equivalent? Immortan Junka and I put our full support behind him, and believe you should too! If you think Hillary Clinton is the right choice, you are an idiot and should be deported to Mars. Even if you don't like Trump, consider third party options like Gary Johnson or even Jill Stein (just to take away votes from Clinton, not to actually think she would be any good either!). You may hear, Trump is a racist, he wants to build a wall! He wants to keep out muslims from high risk ares! This is left-wing BS! They do not want him as President. They cannot stand non-establishment in office fighting FOR YOU!


2. Brexit. A hot topic. Lots of brits are butthurt. But they are free! Do not let someone in Belgium control YOU! Be your own self! America achieved this many years ago. Good job catching up. Now. Texit? :o:D <3


3. Cavs win Cavs win! I don't like Queen James, but at least the Warriors didn't finish with a title, making the 96 Bulls still the greatest team! Where will Kevin Durant go? Long shot, but I would like to see him in New York. Rose, Melo, KD. That would be interesting. I think his best chances of a title are with the Warriors. Though I would like to see him with Westbrook win in OKC.


4. The cybernations war. I am just a little man in peace mode in Sparta. 11 alliances attacked us. Boy are we popular! Spread the love elsewhere! :) From what I understand, someone cried rape in PNW and here we are :( (I am in The Syndicate, you hate us because you AIN'T us!)


5. Me! I am your KING!


Roast me





King iMolar



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