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Welp, I came out

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October 11th is National Coming Out Day, and I chose that day to do something I was scared to do for a long time. I've known I was gay for about 2 years now. My father and mother are Catholic. So it's a scary thing to do, I knew they wouldn't approve. I was thinking about it the whole day. That night, at dinner, we did the grace. I volunteered. I said the usually thanks 4 the bread, jesus blah blah. then I said, "Thank you for making me homosexual." Amen. I teared up, expecting my dad to get his shotgun and shoot me right there and then. Their jaws basically dropped to the floor, they were stunned. My sister was across from me, she has known for a few months now. She broke the silence, "pass the butter please." I passed her the butter, my parents were still shocked. They hate me, I thought. It became so overwhelming, I got up and ran to my room, locked the door, and cried into my pillow. $%&@ $%&@ $%&@, i thought. why the $%&@ did i do that? About 10 minutes later, my mother knocked on the door. i shouted "go away you hate me." She said, "No i don't, honey. Please open the door, Caleb." I opened the door crying. She hugged me, and said "we love you no matter what." My father and sister were behind her. My sister was smiling, proud of what i done. My father wasn't as pleased, but I think he doesnt hate me. We all sat down and talked for the next hour. it was the hardest thing i ever done in my life. i havent come out at school yet, because its a catholic school. im transferring next year to get away from the bigots and maybe meet a guy. i haven't had sexual experiences with a guy before, but it's something i look forward too.


dont be afraid to come out, your loved ones will love you and not shoot you with a shotgun.

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Good Caleb


Congratulations on your courage. You are not alone and there will be many who understand your fear.

The honesty will be your salvation in the long run. It is wonderful that though your parents may not agree with your life choice they showed their love and respect by being there and talking, not all have been as fortunate.


 Good luck and God Bless in your journey forward.



Dame HIme Themis

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