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How many people are reading my blog and what do they think?




MrCyber's CN Economy blog visitor research  

107 members have voted

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Ok folks. I've written several articles now, so it's time for a little reader research. Please answer the questions in the poll so I can see what you all think of my blog.

Please also post a comment with suggestions of which other topics you would like me to cover in my blog.

I have a few topics in mind, but my last 2 articles did not get any comments at all, so I'm wondering if me writing all this stuff down is even worth it and if people are actually reading my blog. (unfortunately there's no readers counter anywhere to check this)



Recommended Comments

I read it everytime i get the amsg in #TSI, i like them a lot even though i may not comment on them i do read them and i will continue to read them, because no matter how big or small your nation is its always good to read these and see what you can do better.

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I like some blogs, and read most of them. I just don't always feel the need to comment, although your blogs are amongst the better ones. But most of your blogs consist of things I already knew, its more interesting for new players I think.

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Though I don't make a habit of commenting unless I can offer constructive feedback, I enjoy reading this blog and check for updates whenever I sign onto the forums, which at the moment is pretty much daily. It's a nice resource for new players, perhaps particularly for the unaligned who are unable to take advantage of a more experienced member's guides. As you've noted in responses to feedback in the past, this also is good for raising awareness of and interest in trade circles and tech dealing, which benefit everyone.

I hesitate to suggest other topics because I don't know how much of your economy work you'd like to post in public versus how much you'd like to keep to your alliance. Environment effects is my own favorite mechanics topic and I've worked on it a fair amount, but since it seems to be less widely understood than improvement swapping, sledding, and trade circle strategy, I'm not sure whether you'd want to discuss it on the community boards. Likewise, I'd be interested in your thoughts on improvement and wonder purchase order, to see how your opinion matches up with my alliance's guides if nothing else.

I'll keep thinking. But please do continue with this blog, it's a valuable resource and a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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