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The Fail of CoMa




CoMa is proving, in my opinion, the next big festival of failure on Planet Bob. The coalition of micro-alliances being home to various small alliances including the very poorly lead Global Defense Initiative. These alliances rarely amounting to much more than anything in the greater scheme of things have banded together for what on the surface would appear a very noble cause.

What could be so wrong with a micro-alliance fighting on the behalf of other micro-alliances to prevent the soul draining chains of a protectorate? Nothing really and I even commend them for the idea. The implementation is unfortunately flawed. CoMa seems quite intent on backing the wrong horse.

Rather than cut loose the woefully inadequate leader of GDI, one RyanGDI, they've stuck by him. A noble instinct when the tech raiding wolves are circling, but fundamentally flawed at the very core. Supporting a member of CoMa who has repeatedly made a fool out of himself all over the forums with his poor leadership can only mean bad things for the future.

One hopes that either GDI grows a brain and coups Ryan, or CoMa finds it in them to cut Ryan loose.



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Ah, yes, the 'stick by your allies until they do something stupid' proviso. Real loyalty often demands that you stick with your friends even when they're wrong. Doesn't mean you have to agree with them, doesn't necessarily mean you have to like what they do all the time, but those types of disagreements, at least among friends, should be done in private. I commend CoMA for sticking up for their friend.

Now, I would also say it is part of the responsibility of friendship for Ryan to right the course of action he has taken.

Just my two cents.


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Do something stupid? If it was something one I'd completely agree with you on that premise. However, it is nothing more than a long string of stupid. At some point you have to use common sense.

CoMa as an idea allows a micro-alliance to avoid a protectorate and to determine their fate. I commend the idea and would even suggest it to my own alliance. However, I wouldn't find it in me to ally myself with someone as poorly suited to leadership as Ryan.

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