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Survivor 10





SURVIVOR 10, !@#$%*ES

It's been long. Too long. Like 16 months too long. So after its nice, extremely long slumber, Survivor is back for an all-new season.

This season will be similar to the March Madness style we used for Survivor 4 (it was a few years ago, for those of you who can remember that far back). Two alliances will go head-to-head, and whoever comes out on top will advance to the next round - advancing up the bracket as they go.

Each round will be five days long, and the alliance with the largest score gain by the end of day five will move on. In case of a tie, the smaller alliance will advance.

I will not be policing the manner by which alliances gain score - whatever shows up in the stats is what you get.

I also have to apologize for not doing a post-war rebuilding update. It's always fun to see which alliances lead the way in rebuilding, and which ones lag behind.

Qualifying for Survivor 10 will be be based on cumulative score since March 26th - the last day of the war. The 32 alliances who have gained the most score since then will be entered into the tournament, at a rate of two per day until we've reached our target. Those who have rebuilt the most may get in immediately; those hovering around 32nd have a few weeks of work ahead of them to make the tournament.

The first two alliances will qualify with tonight's update. Qualifying will end on June 30th, when the first round will begin.



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