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Now we always use the word if. If there is a storm there is a storm,we must go. If we get caught, we will be punished. Yet if at all times remains a mystery to even the best of us as if is a statement of odds and possibilities. The possibilities and probabilitys of an event that would occur that would change your life at that single moment.

If is a word that truly only one thing.

Maybye. (this is the one word.)

Maybye shows us the basic principle of if yet it does not show us the true probability and odds to something.

When we go to war there are some big ifs. IF we win.... IF we attack at night....IF we get tech and cash. Yet we still haven`t mastered war which is probably the biggest if of all. War is something that comes in hundreds of forms. Air, Water, land, Biological, Nuclear, the list goes on and on. The biggest if of all, perhaps the only if not mastered is the if that if not tamed and if not mastered will spirial out of control. And it is.

Currently Iran is mear months from possesing a nuclear weapon that could wipe out Televib or Jerusalem.

Syria has one of the largest Bio-chemical weapon supplys in the world.

Russia`s President Vladimir Putin continues to commit acts against Syrian rebels and despises the US.

China`s dictatorship continues to up it`s military presence around the world.

Why is there such ignorance where no one relizes a major design flaw in the United states?

Let me go down the East coast. New York, Boston, Richmond, Orlando, Tampa, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Albany, Buffalo.

Now let me go down the west coast. Los Angeles,San Fransisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood,Salem, Seattle.

In case you don`t see the design flaw, these citys and many others are very close to the eastern or western seaboard. Our Largest citys and our capital, Washington DC, are in a direct line of firs from an enemy invasion. Although unlikely, An iranian Nuclear Strike on Israel would without a doubt cause WW3. There would be no safe place. Our Homeland would be threatened at every step of the way. America would no longer be a safe haven from war. In all likely hood it`s biggest citys would become major battle grounds.

Failure to recognize this might cause the Enemy and non ally nations of the United States to relize we don`t relize it. And then with out any warning, our lagest citys will crumple on the foundations of war and of warfare itself.


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please stop posting

For one no i will not. I post what i believe when i believe it when it is nessacary.

In case you don`t relize it, but you will, i am the great phlosopher this Game needed. Just read my blog entry`s Why and The Meaning of The Past The Present And The Future.

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In case you don`t relize it, but you will, i am the great phlosopher this Game needed

I, for one, applaud your uncanny achievement to establish yourself as one of the most impressive trolls I've seen thus far.

Or you're really just that narcissistic, in which case I humbly* suggest using an autocheck for your spelling deficiencies in order to be taken at least a tad bit more seriously by us common swine.

*In the event it's not obvious, this is drenched with sarcasm.

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Sorry about my spelling and some grammer. But hey i say what i say when i say it. So i ask you two simple questions? If i leave will the blogs be as active? And Why Would i leave and never post to my Favorite game?

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I never asked you to leave, simply to make yourself presented as a respectable human being in order to be treated as one. Or in your case, a "great" human being, whatever you want to be considered.

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Mpre then great, Legendary. For Example in Football America, you have "Elite" Quarterbacks. Then you have tier 2 , tier 3 and tier 4 QB`s. OK i want to be above the ELITE`s, i want to be legendary!

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Look the great rapper Crisis once said "i`m tryin to be me, not trying to be fitty cent". i`m doing the same thing as him, i`m trying to be me and not trying to be Dulra. Trying to add a little content to my nation. Cause i know you like my style, whatever but trust me i am going to do what i want and if that means annoying the hell out of all th people on this game, then it shall be. If it means being the number one nation in the world (Which it probably does mean that) then it shall be.

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