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The Raiding Game from Other government game that is not to be named to CyberNations?




For all those members of CN who also are casual or serious players of The popular Govenrment simulation game that cannot be named you might think i`m crazy but i have devoloped a way to intergrate the raiding/defending game into CyberNations.

In the unameable game the raiding/ defending game is the only form of war and it invovles region and the like. But in CyberNations we don`t have regions, we have teams like the brown team, pink team, so on. We also have lage alliances who use the message page of these teams to recruit for there alliance. So here is how it would work:

1. An Alliance of substantial size picks three leaders to be voted for in a certain teams election

2. The final day of the elections, the people all change there color to whatever team that they are raiding and then they will all vote for the leads or the people they chose to be elected.

3.If it works then they wil have a full election cycle to recruit heavly in a team, control the sanctions and truly make a team a safe haven for there alliance.

4. As in the Unnameable games raiding game, there are defenders. Defenders from the team and other alliances will attempt to beat out the raiders for the spots to keep order as nessacary.

So guess what, i just added a whole nother dimension to the game so BOYA!



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Why would you do that? The people are the invaded sphere could just move to another one. No real point in that.

That other game (in which I played a significant role, once upon a time), there were things to be gained from invading that could not be taken back easily. Liberations are hard. Here the solution is simple: if someone invaded the Red Sphere and messed up the NPO, the NPO could just move to another sphere just as easily.

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Please tell me you don't play that other game that this game came from.

I was banned bacause my nation`s got hacked and they made "Death Threats" and i can`t find any trace of these "Death Threats" and i got banned for something that never happened and the mods hated me anyways because there idiot commies!

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I do believe they were justified. It was probably in one of your hallucinogenic episodes. Your memory tends to black out when you drop acid, dude.

Well i don`t do acid so that wasn`t it. I still to this day can`t gt a mod to answer my question. In case your wondering here where my nations in that game:


Conservative World

Fire Charmer

The Conservative Messiah

Dog Bird

The Conservative Prophet for Conservatives

Occupy DUAN(Democratic Union of Allied Nations) Movement

ACA Member

ACA Raider Investigator

Former Republic of Winner12345

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Everyone seems to know this mysterious game but me. I feel left out guys.

I'm guessing it's the one where the NPO came from but it could be another that I'm not familiar with.

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