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My Story

Alexander the 5th



My Story


As I now stand, Master of Finance of Ordo Teutonicus, I can not help but think of the elaborate series of events that has brought me here. What started out as a few minutes a day, has evolved into an experience that has even affected me in some of my real life thinking. I have made comrades and I have made enemies along my 2+ year journey at CN. This is not meant to be some sort of triumph story. In CN there have been people who have done more, experienced more and above all, acted with more honor than I have. Still, I have the time and feel others can learn from my experiences in CN. For purposes pertaining to privacy, some names have been omitted or edited so as to not bother certain people (some who are even no longer with us). Since my memory is also a bit blurry, a few events may not be portrayed entirely correctly, but I assure you these are minor details and that this is not done intentionally .With this in mind, I present to you a story of my whole experience here at CN.

Chapter-1 Starting out

It all began on November 21st, 2009. A few days prior, I had exhausted all fun that was to be had with my disc based strategy games, or the online flash games. I was looking for something new and exciting. While looking up on Google (or Yahoo, I don’t really remember) “Free Online strategy games,” I came across some obscure forum, which was discussing a list of free online strategy games. After scrolling down a list of the games provided, I found one called “Cybernations.” I had heard of the game a few days before that, but was not very interested. Since I was completely new at the time to online gaming, I debated for a few days whether or not to join. I finally opted to join Cybernations. And on November 21st, 2009 I created my first nation. Since I cared little for Euro-Asian history back then, I named my nation, oh so dully “The Republic of Cape,” and placed it in Cape Town South Africa. I did this since I was learning about South Africa and apartheid at the time and decided to do South Africa, since I thought my home town would be boring (and revealing). I had heard a lot about “alliances” and “the need to join an alliance.” However, my line of thinking was so stupid, yet seemed so clever to me back then. It was like this, “well, I always luck out in my on disc games with risky decisions, so why not try that here?” With this I created my first micro AA, with no forums, no experience and no protectorate. What a fool I was. I convinced my friend who at the time lived down the street (he now is in another state) to sign up. My alliance swelled to two members. I spent the next few weeks/months dinking around in my micro AA, with me friend (and possibly a few other people). We neither thrived nor died in this time, but soon the inevitable was to happen. I awoke one day to check out my status of my Cybernations nation, expecting normal peace time growth. But GASP, what is THAT! I couldn’t believe it, I was being raided! The full of myself, macho side of me who knew nothing of CN war, decided I could simply fight on my own. However lack of knowledge of game play and lack of support (with the exception of my friend, who once joked he would sucker punch the guy who invaded if he ever met him) meant I lost, bad. The war concluded and I was humbled. Instead of doing the smart thing, I got pissed at the game. I cursed what I viewed as “mega alliance domination” and “cruel players” for my failures. I continued on for some time, maybe got raided again. Ultimately I one day decided to quit the game, citing the “evil nature” of Cybernations.

Chapter 2-Intermission

But it was too late, Cybernations was like a drug to me. After a few days, I caved. I realized I NEEDED a online strategy game to keep me going. This time I wanted a fresh start, I would do what people recommended and would join a game that was comparatively young. One day while searching for “Nation simulation game,” I came upon a game called “!@#$%*.” I was intrigued, after some small study, I found out it was much younger than CN. Perfect. I was quick to sign up and named my city after a fictional American city I had always envisioned, North Port. I was determined not to make the same mistakes as back at CN, therefore I began seeking out a Nation (Nation=Alliance in !@#$%*). I had two criteria, I couldn’t have been too large, but also not to small. I always wanted a cool name. I found this in a Nation called the “United States.” To me it was perfect, not to big, not to large. I intermediately signed up on the forums, determined not to make the same mistake as back at CN. After answering various questions, including that regarding my morality in game (yes, I did have ingame morals back then!), I was accepted. The inside was not as cool as the outside facade. The membership was much less active than I would’ve thought, but it was still a respectable nation. This was my first real taste of alliance life, receiving in game aid, talking with people on IRC and forming internet friendships (I do not consider these people RL friends, do not make that mistake) and having a job to do. After doing some various low level work, a congressional seat became vacant. I thought to myself, “am I ready for this?” After some convincing by my online buddies, I decided to run. I don’t think they realized how much this decision of there’s would have far reaching implications outside of CN and indeed even the internet. After wining the “election” unopposed. I became a congressman. My first taste of power in anything resembling a large alliance. Since it was summer time and I was bored, I spent a lot of time on the forums. Soon I was regarded as a rising star, a patriot and above all, a reformer. I soon was talking regularly with government members of the United States (The !@#$%* one, not the real one) congratulating me on my reforms and work ethic. For once, I felt useful, indeed like I had some... greater purpose. I became convinced that I was some important reformer and that I had the power to change things. I continued executing my duties, much to the admiration of other members. I went through many ups and downs, wars and stagnation. So after playing for some while (possibly having a inactive nation in Cybernations, I cant remember now), me and the US “crew” started getting disturbed about how our admin was a bit... controlling. And that is putting it nicely. We began talking, first about politely asking the Admin to tone down his “oppression (as we called it)” however soon it escalated. We finally found ourselves one day disgusted with !@#$%* and preparing a move. We had a whole “Deceleration of independence” in the works against the !@#$%* Admin prepared. Ultimately we went with a hushed departure from !@#$%*, to Cybernations.

Chapter 3- Return

“After five years on the east coast, it was time to go home”

-CJ in GTA San Andreas talking about his return to Los Santos after spending five years in Liberty City.

I came back to Cybernations, oh yes. But it was not like the first time. I had new found confidence and experience (both real and imagined). Our leader had a nation also in CN, he was an MHA member and secured us a protector and forums. I was excited about a United States in CN. It must be noted that about a few weeks before the move, I had re activated myself in CN and tried joining the ODN, however I never passed the application stage (since I left for the US) and I only tried to join after my new found “Wisdom” at !@#$%*. After getting disgusted with my name, I re rolled my nation as “Washington Republic”. I spent about a few weeks at the CN reincarnation of the Untied States. Then I realized something, we were going nowhere. After saying farewell, I left the US of CN and thinking I finally had the experience, tried forming my own alliance. This time, I was marginally more successful, I gathered around 4 members and had created an actual forum to use. I existed in this Limbo for some time. Finally after a raid on my micro AA, I decided I had messed up and decided it was best to join a big alliance like everyone else. Thus I submitted my application for the New Pacific Order. Now folks, before I go any further, I have nothing against the NPO, I think they are a great bunch and are an awesome alliance. However their alliance was simply not my style and did not fit my wants. Keep this in mind while reading about my time at NPO. Now I had landed myself at NPO. I got millions of dollars worth of aid and thought I was on the path to CN bliss. I was dead wrong. In my two months at NPO, I tried finding a job, I tried doing recruiting, but I didn’t like it. I then came to the realization that the NPO was lacking a leadership job, since I had become so used to leading and inspiring people back in !@#$%*. I decided I would never like it in a big alliance. After a small dilemma regarding the aid I received, I left NPO and once again, tried to start my own alliance. I spent the next few months throughout CN in various micro alliances. All failed, though at the height of my “success,” I commanded around seven members and a forum. Once again, I got raided, got pissed, said my goodbyes,and left the game. Again.

Chapter 4- !@#$%* and my leave

This is merely a short chapter regarding what I did between Washington Republic and my next reincarnation. I decided to turn to !@#$%*, largely abandoning Cybernations (and !@#$%*). I tried selling products in the economic section and even Rped a civil war in my nation (those of you with !@#$%* accounts, look up 'Pan Freeland Civil war' in International Incidents). I realized how much fail my RP was, but continued none the less. My RP skills slowly began improving, my posts gradually became longer and I began to learn more about RL wars (I had read Sun-Tzus art of war in this time if my memory serves me well). I also in this time became a Libertarian and joined a Libertarian RP region. Cybernations, Germanic themes and all that seemed so distant to me at that time.

I became a semi decent Rper and was constantly improving my role play skills. In this time, I decided to screw around in Cybernations. I created a nation in Cybernations based off of Oceania from 1984 and began invading nations without care. One day, I brought myself to a simple conclusion, “why dont I just give Cybernations one more shot?” With this, I deleted my Ingsoc spoof nation and tried creating a “real nation.” I wanted this nation to be cool, since I am Russian American and had watched a documentary the night before called “Russia, the land of the Tsars,” I decided to name my nation the “Empire of Russia.” Get ready world, im coming back to town.

Chapter 5- Kievan Rus and the seeds of my dark side sown

Once again, I decided I would do Cybernations “right,” and join an alliance. I decided I would join any alliance that had a decent enough name and messaged me. So in came a recruitment message for an alliance, called “Kievan Rus.” I was intrigued, Slavic? Historically Accurate? Forums? Sign me up! After a brief discussion with leader Karolina regarding my concern about the treaty with Nordreich (I though they were Neo Nazis back then), I signed up. I had high hopes, I was a leader and reformer back in !@#$%* and I was loved, surely that would be the case here, right!? Not so. In this time, I made contact with Heinrich Schsuter (Now Wilhelm Von Berlin) and regularly debated the merits between my Libertarianism and European Realpolitik with Karolina. While things were alirght, I never rose above being a glorified messenger boy. While it crossed my mind a few times that I deserved a better job, I ultimately decided such thinking was treason and that Karolina knew what she was doing. Still, I was “happy”. Then one day the S--- hit the fan. I awoke to a message saying that Kivean Rus was disbanding. I was given no real reason as to why and I became infuriated, the only Slavic alliance, gone like that. I was determined to never have an alliance I loved collapse on me like that again, the seeds of the TGE coups were sown. I tried in vain to gather up people and form a new KR government, but to no avail. I decided to follow then friend Schsuter into a new alliance called “The German Empire.” While it was not my first pick, since it was not Slavic, I still decided a German theme is better than a generic theme. I signed up for The German Empire and was quickly inducted.

Chapter 6- The German Empire

Quickly, TGE became my new home in a way NPO, Kivean Rus, or even the United States (which is near and dear to my heart) never quite matched. I met great people like Schiweger, Johann, Richard, I continued talking with Heinrich and overall we had great people. Those were some of the best days, both in game and even in real life! I quickly came to love German things, I even met real people from Germany (because I wanted to meet real people who were behind the basis of the alliance I loved) and ultimately became intrigued with Germany. I worked publishing an alliance newspaper, soon I was elected to the ReichStag and much like at the United States, I was lauded. Unlike the US however, I also faced criticism. After some time, I noticed a disturbing trend. Our Kaiser was becoming increasingly inactive. At first we shrugged it off, however it became extreme. Finally, I broke the ice. I asked simply, “couldn’t we have a coup and install a new government?” Many people (but most certainly not the majority) agreed with this plan. Finally, I one day posted a “deceleration of Defiance,” me and other government members resigned in protest. After learning Der Kaiser was sending foreign troops to squash us, we went into peace mode. After some short lived negotiations, we got a small concessions package. But the very few benefits gained were vastly overshadowed by the negative publicity and fracturing of unity the coup caused. I didnt know it then, but I had just set TGE on a path to destruction and I would later regret this. Around this time, the first members began to leave. At first it was nothing, but soon other problems started to surface. Mass corruption, inactivity, emigration all were factors that eventually drove us to more coups. One day, while fiddling around, more or less content with the pace of “reform,” Heinrich came up to me and bluntly asked if I would support a coup of his. At the time I was at a loss of words, but as a “comrade,” I decided to support him. Some hours later he overthrew the Kaiser and declared himself ruler. After some convincing by other members, I decided to join the anti Coup camp. After much pressure, Heinrich resigned and elections were held to determine a new Kaiser. A promising Reichstag reformer, Prince Albert was elected to the post. He was the sweetheart of TGE. But like real reformers like Gorbachev and Obama, we became increasingly disillusioned. Finally, after our last war, embarrassment was rife. We decide TGE was as good as dead and we began entertaining new names for a new alliance (we once considered becoming TJE- The Japanese Empire). Finally, Albert agreed to dissolve us and merge on a pre determined date. I supported dissolution. However on the night before dissolution, I had a sudden urge. The urge was to not have what happened to me at Kievan Rus happen again. A strange mix of Power hunger, nationalism and radical anti establishment sentiment overtook me. I “deposed” Albert and turned TGE into Iran. I thought I was the savior, that the United States was just preparation and that this was the goal, this was it. TGE would be fixed, we would have Direct democracy and I would be a hero. How wrong I was. In an IRC conversation that I had half confused with Adam Suttler, he asked to have admin permission granted to him, so he could “document” things on the forums. In a mood thinking, “Well, he could Coup, but I dont give a S—t anymore,” I allowed him Admin powers. He quickly unseated me. I quickly resigned in shame of what I had just did, as Suttler ruled TGE for another day, and turned our alliance into a virtual brothel. I was ashamed and I would never, ever coup again.


After that, I drifted again. I encountered trouble. I went to THL, when my friends left THL, I went to OT with them. My story continues past TGE, but its not that exciting. A lot has been left out, but I felt it was important to tell my story. Feel free to comment and ask questions below. And remember, I haven’t bothered to spell check this, so dont get pissed off at me about errors.




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