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The Drifter

Alexander the 5th


Decided to write a little thing,very loosely based off of my alliance wandering.

It is also very much exaggerated, none the less, please enjoy.

You see a man walking down the side of the highway, its a cold morning. Upon closer inspection, you realize this man has been in many places before, while certainly not the most experienced, he is by no means amateur.

In his mind, he is worried, he has left many places, right now he is wandering, a drifter, and in this world, people are very hostile to drifters, they are always beaten up and robbed. The drifter walks into a small town, once again, the townspeople are not doing well either, the are discriminated against for being backwards, the majority say they should move to the big city, but they stay nonetheless, The drifter walks into a diner to get something to eat, as he walks in, people stare at him, he knows he is not welcome. He takes a seat, and orders a burger, he notices sitting next to him is a friend of his. "Hey, I haven't seen you in some time." "Hello" replies the friend, he was the only man not to stare

"Where are you going?" he asked. "I don't know" replied the drifter " I wanted to travel, and stop in small towns, but doesn't seem very safe. The friend commented "no wonder, its not very safe now, you know, you should move to the big city, they have many jobs for you, you could afford a nice house with that money". "But at what cost? I would lose my Independence" the drifter said. "Independence" that word lingered in his mind for a while. After he receives his burger, he walks out, no longer wishing to talk with his "friend" for he is like everyone else, trying to coerce him into the city or suburbs, once again, the drifter sets off into an uncertain future."


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