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It's May Day and I learned something that really annoys me!

Wilfred Test



Happy May Day to all!

Somebody was very kind and dropped a bombshell (not a real one) on my country. He sent me a message saying 'Don't stay on Peace Mode, you will lose economy'. OMG WHY? I am a peaceful nation, ACCEPT IT.

In other news I just noticed it was May Day! I don't really know what people do on May Day but who cares :lol1:

President Wilfred Test



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Oh dear. Being in peace mode seriously affects happiness after a week which can cost you over £20 per person per day in taxes. Go into war mode right now.

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it IS sort of counter-intuitive though, isn't it? Like happiness decreases when there is a long term peace? What does that say about humanity? We need strife and struggle to be really happy?

Agent Smith was correct!!!! :frantic:

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