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Quick brog directory

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Feel free to add your blog in the comments or correct me if I have it classified incorrectly.


Admin's Blog

Vivi's Blogotorium by Vivi

A Day In The Life of a Sith Lord by Darth Revan,

Philotheos' Blog by Philotheos

Assassination Protocols by HK47


Aurora Borealis by PumpkinKing

IRON, The Republican News Network, by Sithis

Knights Of Aragon by Cool3atool


NOVA and HM by HM4A1

Bama's Blog by BamaBuc

The Boris Blog of Bacon by Lord Boris

Best Blog Ever by Blacky

BROG by bros2

The Life and Times of Cheyenne by Cheyenne

The Syzygian Hall of Ages by (DAC)Syzygy

Dandy Diatribes by Doitzel (added 11/17)

destro's Blog by thedestro

Insert Clever Name Here by Duncan King

Gopherbashi's Blog by Gopherbashi

Philosophic Rage by Xiphosis

Nintenderek's Blog by Nintenderek

Serian New Corporation by Bob Janova

The Predictive Pastry by Delta1212

Thrasymachus' Blog by Thrasymachus

The Blog of Shens by Zikawe

Turkeybowl Fun Times by Goose

I am bigwoody. by bigwoody

Vladimir Stukov II's Blog by Vladimir Stukov II

The State of Maligore by Maligore

Haflinger's Blog by Haflinger

Zoomzoomzoom's Blog by Zoomzoomzoom

Experience The AUT by The AUT

President Obama's Blog by President Obama

Fark Worker Ant Blogs, A Bee Blog and One by a Spider:

Antbarican_Idol #224 by Ackbarican_Idol

Hill Highlights by Emperor Norton I

Ramblings of #17 by chewy milk

#1208, the Poet of the Hill by treygreen13

#440's Blog by SupremeCourtJudge

Subterranean Homesick Blues by Captain V

#239 is fight by Arturus Jefferson

#2345 by urger

The Life of 5729 by Ruler with Plan X

Webutt's assassination blog (By a Spider, not an Ant) by Moose Hole

Random Thoughts by #699 by nuke me

Oh, what my compound eyes have seen by

#1655's Blag by Flragnararch

Lostintheanthill by Lostindenver

Worker #260 Blog by RomeroLand

#2345's Blog by urger

#312 by Sir Loin of Beef

#384242 by Danielg42

Bite Bite Bite Chew by Mattistan

Deep Thoughts with #1480 (The Bee) by Karsh

TunnelVision by RavingMainyYak

CaptainImpavid's Blog by CaptainImpavid

Just another Number by GypsyFire1

Confessions of #604 by squidflakes

Blogs coming soon:

Kumquats and Crabsticks By Dirk Farkly

LOLBLOG by RedvsBlue999

Waianae Times by Mobius 1

Dandy Diatribes by Doitzel

Jungle Boy Times by Edward Curella

OneThousandSixHundredSixtyTwo by Persephone3

=LOST= in a Haze of Blog by Mandellav

Ro's Blog by Princess Aurora Soup

Assassin Bug's Creed by Billy-Bob Kenobi

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Recommended Comments

Technically, "Webutt's assassination blog" is by a spider and "Deep Thoughts with #1480" is by a Bee, not worker ants, but I guess you can lump them in with us...


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