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Cybernations Blog Stars, the first week




This Week in Cyber Nation Blogs, Week ending November 16, 2008

(DAC)Syzygy of the Gramlins has staked out some fascinating territory with a blog focusing on gameplay mechanics.

Optional military clauses and bandwagoning by Haflinger of Invicta

On the Future of Warfare in CN by Lord Boris of TORN

Treaties by Xiphosis, Global Order of Darkness

The Now World Order by Delta1212 of the Random Insanity Alliance

On the reasons why anti-NPO groups fail by Lord Boris of TORN

An in-character blog from Bob Janova of Gramlins: Serian News Corporation, promises to deliver.

Ghostlin's interview with L J Scott, Mushroom Kingdom

Duncan King has started a cool new blog

There also are many interesting autobiographical blog posts, including luminaries like the TheBigBad of The Phoenix Federation, ZoomZoomZoom of DefCon and Nintenderek of Vox Populi.

Ant, spider, bee and assassin bug posts continue, offering adventures of their own, of particular interest to members of Farkistan. ;)

Thanks to everyone for the many enjoyable and thought-provoking posts. And again to Admin, for making these possible.

This Week in Cyber Nations Blogs, week ending November 23, 2008 [in progress]

The History Show, Great War 3, Bob Janova

Ghostlin interviews with Schattenmann of Vox Populi

In defense of democracies by Ferrous of pending ;)


Feel free to comment below or PM to recommend any entries I've missed.



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