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Drug Policy established in the United States

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[center]Controlled Substance Doctrine[/center]

The Untied States hereby recognizes that most recreational drugs formerly illegal in the United States are a primary source of crime due to the ability of cartels to charge extremely high prices for the goods and forcing the average person who wishes to purchase the drug to go to sometimes extreme measures. We also recognize that many of these drugs have extremely negative health benefits.

Under new policy all formerly illegal controlled substances and recreational drugs will now be treated exactly like Tobacco, limited to purchase only by those 21 years of age and older. They will be highly regulated, be required to carry proper FDA warning labels detailing the effects of the drug, and must have proper instructions for the use of the drug. Pharmaceutical companies have been given advance clearance to produce over-the-counter versions of these products which will be available on the shelves in pharmacies throughout the country. We still strongly condemn the use of these agents as many of them have highly toxic effects and we will be strengthening the robust drug information programs in the school systems.

However, in an attempt to get those who harm society for their own habits better under control and to reduce prison system costs legalization will make it so that those who use these drugs to their own detriment.. but do so responsibly without committing any other crimes, will not be bothered. If they wish to kill themselves that is up to them.

People caught using drugs of the regulated class who have severe health problems as a result of abuse or misuse will be denied government assistance in all forms. All food stamps, welfare, social program, educational program access will be cut off to them. The only programs they will have access to from the government will be rehabilitation programs to break addiction. If they complete one of these programs and a psychologist clears them of addiction; only then shall they have access to the government's social programs once again.

We wish to note the law has also been changed regarding violent offenders who commit acts of crime while under the influence of regulated drugs. These persons will be automatically subject to the maximum sentence for their crime if convicted and the judges will be powerless to alleviate the maximum sentence. Such a person will also never be eligible for parole.

We believe this change in policy is a greater deterrence to the criminal activity surrounding drugs, but at the same time will not punish 'responsible users' except as appropriate for the way they are making use of their drugs. Medical prescriptions will be made available for the Marijuana restricted class drugs and it will be considered a normal prescription grade medicine if being used for a medicinal and not a recreational purpose. It is the only exception in this class of drugs which will not receive a magnified effective punishment, however.. any doctors caught prescribing this drug for non-medicinal reasons when it is for a recreational purpose will be subject to greater fines and punishments than ever. That is all.

George Flint,
Director of the DEA

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