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The Rising Sun


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Ono Daisuke nodded and then politely bowed to his fellow diplomet, allowing himself to intake the words spoken to him as he receded from the bow.

"I'm rather fine, It's usually been the policy of the previous Empress to stray away from diplomatic relations of any extent with nations outside of Asia and Oceania, but Empress Ushiromiya seems willing to move beyond this isolationist behavior and look towards the future. So, what brings you here?"

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"Well, I'd mainly like to discuss economic relations between our two nations. Currently, Blue Heaven has lead, sugar, cattle, fish, pigs, gems, gold, silver, uranium, a multitude of chemical products, tar sands and rubber."

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"Our nation is a heavy producer of wheat and wheat-based products, and some industrial compounds can also be found along with natural minerals. These primary items make up the majority of our exports, as the abundance of them allows for such. Economic relations among our nations would surely prove beneficial for both of us, as the trade would allow for the nation to open up it's ports for the first time to non-Pacific goods."

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