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The thing about my baby it don't matter if you're black or white

Sargun II

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[b]*Classified moves*[/b]

Unfortunately, having a Harem was unusual in the GDR, and thus Guido Westerwelle came with his staff (which happened to consist mostly of women) to Casablanca, by plane.
With nothing going on in Europe or Africa, they'd have an eventless flight and landed similarly eventlessly.

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"Hello, Mr. Westerwelle." Queen Peaceheart greeted the representative by the arm and placed a friendly kiss on the cheek. "It has been a long time since a German diplomat entered Carthage, but let us not dwell on the past." She smiled and led the representatives to a diplomatic room while the staff were directed to the staff room.

"To be frank, Mr. Westerwelle, I am worried that while Carthage may have strong ties with all of civilized Africa, we are missing out on the European side. While the Americas are enveloped in a silly war and we have close ties with Rebel Army and Vauleo-Buryatia in Asia, we find that now is the perfect time to pick a partner in Europe. We want you, the greatest European nation ever to have been constructed, to be our partner and helper as we strive to create a better world. Will you join us, friend?"

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"Well," Westerwelle began.
"We had a treaty with your predecessor that was cancelled in a fit of emotion, wihtout thoughts of rationality. We'd be more than simply delighted to resume this treaty with a good and beautiful nation.
Even more so if it's to make the world a better place. Together, for a better tomorrow, as it goes."

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Hakeem Alj'outsi, the personal assistant of the King and Queen who is representing the King's interests in this discussion, shook the hand of representative and said, "It is a pleasure to have you here, good sir. We thank you for joining us, you are well recieved in Cathage these days. Carthage will not be close minded as it was before, only having ties with Africa and Italy, but we shall represent ourselves as a world power, and we see you as one. As my Queen has said, we wish for you to help us make a better world for tomorrow, by keeping peace between each other and striving towards excellence. I have but one question, why is it considered unorthodox to have a Harem in the German Democratic Republic? Hopefully our relations will infact change your opinion on such places.

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"I have here the past wording of the currently defunct [i]Treaty of Schnitzel,[/i] re-worded for Pact 6. Are there any objections?"

[quote]Treaty of Schnitzel

Pact 1: Non-aggression between the signees of this treaty is mandatory. Diplomacy must always be conducted first.
Pact 2: If either signee comes under attack from a third party, the other signee must send military and economic aid to the other.
Pact 3: Each nations waters will be open to each other and all taxes will be halved; schnitzel is to be untaxed.
Pact 4: Military intelligence between the two nations may be shared without ramifications.
Pact 5: This treaty has a four-week cancellation clause.
Pact 6: The reigning King and Queen of Carthage shall receive one Schnitzel per week, to be called in whenever he feels like. It does not accumulate.

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