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A bulletin from MERC!

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Today is the Military Establishment of Righteous Countries' 2 year anniversary!

You may be thinking, "Who are these guys?"

The answer is:

"We, are MERC."

Two years ago we were founded by Jack Whiterstein, and in these two years, much has happened:

One war, two times a total alliance strength of over 100,000k*, three protectors... and many periods of inactivity.

We'd like to thank the folks at ex-Element, ex-Dark Evolution, and now Athens. You've had our backs, no matter how small we got.

Also, kudos to NOIR. Over one year of solidity, and more to come.

I probably missed a few of you, and you know who you are, so thanks.

Personal thanks to Mak Stormweilder, CoolGreen44, W_A_R, and Richard VII.

*This thread also marks the second time MERC passed 100k alliance strength!



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