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Caucasian-Slavorussian Announcement


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In the interest of furthering peace in and around Europe, and to prevent unnecessary warfare, the Slavorussian Empire and Kingdom of Caucasia, henceforth known as Slavorussia and Caucasia, respectively, sign this pact.

Article I. Non-Aggression
Slavorussia and Caucasia hereby agree to non-aggression. Neither signatory shall engage in hostile operations against the other, be they military, covert, or in the form of propaganda. Both signatories also agree not to support enemies of the other state, be they foreign or domestic.

Article II. Trade
Both signatories hereby agree to lower or abolish all tariffs on trade between them, and remove all other trade barriers.

Article III. Optional Defense
Should either signatory find themselves fighting on the defensive, the other signatory has the option, but is not required, to come to their aid militarily.

Article IV. Cancellation
Should either Caucasia or Slavorussia wish to cancel this treaty, they may do so at any time, provided they give 48 hours advance notice to the other signatory, during which time the treaty remains in effect.

Signed for the Kingdom of Caucasia,
James II, King
Ana Eliso, Prime Minister
Approved By 1[sup]st[/sup] Royal Parliament

Signed for the Slavorussian Empire,
Justinian, Emperor of Slavorussia
Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister

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“I’m glad that our two countries have seen past the few minor differences that, I’m ashamed to say, have kept us from taking similar steps toward mutual cooperation and understanding. I see a bright future for Caucasian and Slavorussian relations.” -Prime Minister Medvedev speaking to the Moscow Star Times.

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