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OOC: Yes, I'm making a news thread. Instead of making multiple topics, just use one. As usual, comments are welcome and encouraged. The Post is a news organization I've used/referred to in the past (have a nice history for 'em), so that's why I'm using them here. IC:

Construction Begins in Gibraltar!

Today, a large amount of construction began on the western coastline of Gibraltar. It appears that a military-grade port and naval base are under construction, likely to allow the Rebel Navy to better supply and maintain the ships stationed there. We were able to get in touch with an RN official in Gibraltar, and he had this to say. "Quite simply, this new naval base and port will allow us to defend Gibraltar far more easily. As it stands now, most of the ships here are either housed in legally purchased civilian ports or makeshift ones. This means we can't do many repairs if ships are damaged, and as we learned in the recent Iberian and North African conflicts, also means that we can't supply them that well. All in all, this is a worthy long term investment, for both the navy and a boost to the local economy, as it will free up more ports for civilian usage."

Prime Minister Gets "Leave" Time!

In a stunning first in Rebel Army history, and perhaps in modern history, Lavo Shalam is now taking off 25 days as a vacation. Seeing as such a request is not covered by any existing RA laws, a special motion had to be put through Parliament, which surprisingly passed through with little opposition, with less than five members opposing. Under the terms of the motion, the Prime Minister must resume his duties if a national emergency occurs, and controversially, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will temporarily occupy the position in PM Shalam's absence. When asked to comment, he had this to say: "I'll be blunt, I've led Rebel Army, either as a country or as a rebel group for over a decade now, starting when I was 18 or so. I haven't had a decent sized break of any kind since then, due to being consistently elected into my current position. In fact, I've even had some times which should be breaks, countless Shabbats and even holidays, interrupted due to my duties. I'm tired... Really tired. And sadly, this has also effected my judgment at times, as seen with the Norwegian scuffle, which I should have handled better. So I'm going to sleep, a lot, and maybe enjoy some time which I did not have during my 20s."

OOC: Lavo actually can use this ICly, but it's also to explain my IC inactivity over the next while. Need to hit the ground running in school, so I'm doing what I need to in order to do this.

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We wish Prime Minister Shalam a healthy, pleasant and restful vacation. If he feels like traveling abroad at all, he would be more than welcome to come hiking in Sardinia or bask in the sun on the beaches of Sicily.

-Jean d'Aosta

Steward of the Sicilian League

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[size="5"][center]Prime Minister Returns[/center][/size]

As of a few days ago (OOC: That is, in RL days), Lavo Shalam has resumed his duties as Prime Minister, after his leave of absence. We at the New Rebel Post wish him well, and welcome him back.

[size="5"][center]Construction in Gibraltar Continues![/center][/size]

Awhile ago, we reported that the navy was constructing a naval base and port in the area, to house it's ships stationed there. Us here at the Post got in touch with a high-ranking admiral, who spoke to us on the condition of remaining anonymous, and told us that "the area should be able to house and support a large naval deployment, plus a small air base encase CAWs need repairs, or some RAF squadrons are send to support the base". We were also told that "major progress" has been made in the area's construction. Our question is, while yes it helps the local's economy, what will this contribute to Rebel Army's defense? The admiral had this to say: "Well, until the base was partially made, the naval detachment there was somewhat vulnerable, for reasons I cannot disclose. However, even with the current progress done, this is not an issue." Seeing the mounting costs of the base, the Post will not be surprised if this hurts the standing of the Conservatives, who proposed it in the first place.

[size="5"][center]Dragon Cult Put on the Cult-List![/center][/size]

Due to a recent decision in Parliament, the Dragon Cult has been put onto the dangerous cult list, and are thus banned from Rebel Army, joining the ranks of Scientology, among others. The main reason behind this ruling, was the Cult's promotion and encouragement of suicide, due to religious reasons. This is in direct violation of the various laws against suicide. Furthermore, the Cult has been added/included into the RA's Suicide Awareness and Prevention directive, a host of programs aimed at preventing adolescence and other suicides. The "entries" for the Cult primarily uses information from Cultist works, and the recent suicide in Australia.

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[size="5"][center]Gibraltar Base Complete![/center][/size]

After many months of construction, the military installations in Gibraltar have finally been finished. The Rebel Navy has reported that the efficiency of the forces stationed there has increased by "at least 20%" due to the base being fully operational now.

[size="5"][center]Rebel Army Leaves Diamonds![/center][/size]

In a surprise announcement today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Hazzan, has announced that Rebel Army will be leaving the Diamonds Pact as "it is a shell of it's former self" and as "Rebel Army already maintains high level treaties and bonds with nearly all the remaining signatories".

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Seeing the increasing chaos in Germany, an ally of Rebel Army, the navy will be moved to standby status and all CVBGs currently in Gibraltar will be redeployed to the Middle-East, in order to better coordinate Rebel Naval forces. In addition, some 700 000 soldiers and 5500 tanks plus other armoured vehicles are being mobilized, and 80% of the RAF is also being mobilized and being put on standby.

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