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The Treaty of Brugge

Mergerberger II

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The Treaty of Brugge


The following document is a bilateral agreement between the sovereign nations of Scotland and the Revolutionary Socialist Syndicate of the Netherlands. These two parties shall abide by its clauses and do in signing agree to never violate its terms under any circumstances. The two parties do hereby affirm their desire to live in peace and work in cooperation with one another, and do hereby forgive the mistakes of the past and agree to look only to the future of each nation.

Article I:

The signing parties do hereby agree to never engage in hostile activities against one another. The parties do swear that they shall never take aggressive action against the opposite party, and shall abide by this clause above all others.

Article II:

The signing parties do hereby agree to share all information that may relate to the well-being and safety of the opposite party; all other forms of intelligence and cooperation are also encouraged between the signatories. They also swear to never attempt to illegally collect intelligence upon the other party.

Article III:

Section 1

The signatories swear that they shall come to the aid of the other party by all means: financial, military, or other means, should it be requested by the opposite party that aid be provided, should the opposite party come under the assault of a third party. If it is not requested, it becomes optional.

Section 2

All portions of the empire of both signatories shall be considered under attack, this includes overseas territories, and should those territories come under attack, this treaty shall become activated, regardless of how they are incorporated into the attacked party. If it is claimed, it is attacked.

Article IV:

The signing parties do hereby agree that they shall follow one another in all military actions, in this article expanded to aggressive actions as well. The undersigned shall, no matter the circumstance, participate in aggressive actions should the opposite party request their assistance.

Article V:

The signatories do hereby agree that should they no longer desire to be bound together by this agreement, they shall give the opposite party the notice of at least 2 months' time (72 hours) before the agreement is entirely cancelled.

Article VI:

For the Revolutionary Socialist Syndicate of the Netherlands,

Prime Minister Sebastian Saviri

6th Congress of the RSSN

For Scotland,

King Douglas



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The RSSN and Scotland have been in negotiations for a possible treaty for some time. The Netherlands and Scotland have historically been friendly with one another, and a former leader of the Netherlands was, in fact, Scottish. Whilst this may seem like it is signed in haste on the eve of war, it is not. It has been in the works for quite awhile, and extradited with the war coming and Dutch support for Scotland regardless of a treaty.

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