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Amerikanisches Reich tests its SDI

Otto Verteidiger

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Military officials have long been lobbying for the building of a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) for the defense of the Fatherland, even before the collapse of the state in the territory of Texas. When Amerikanisches Reich reestablished itself in the Mexican regions, the military budget took a very big part of the national budget and still does, but not just because the military was and is at a constant ready to either invade or defend itself against the Commonwealth. Much of the funding was poured into Amerikanisches Reich's flourishing nuclear program and nuclear defense. Now military officials, citizens, and everyone else in Amerikanisches Reich can sleep a little bit more sound, knowing the Reich's SDI is fully operation.

Neighboring nations were warned an hour ahead of the test so not to cause a panic. Mere hours ago, five ICBM were fired from a silo located in the Guanajuato territory. As the ICBMs were making their way towards the Sonora state, interceptor missilse locked on and tookdown all ICBMs. More tests are being considered but for now, military officials within the Reich are pleased to have the SDI.


Map of the route

State television came on with an announcement minutes after the tests made by Kaiser Otto Verteidiger, "My people, we... We now have a more even footing among the world's most powerful and nuclear armed nations in the world. Amerikanisches Reich's military is one of the finest and most feared around the world, but now we are better defended against the constant threat of nuclear exchange. I feel I can say to you, my people and comrades, we can all sleep a little better at night."

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President Frank Swater:

We congratulate Amerikanisches Reich on successfully developing their SDI.


A GLS National News journalist:

What Frank Swater said.


A Royal News Agency's journalist:

Paranoia much?

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"This will only serve to accelerate the nuclear arms race that is even now, leading the world down the abyss of nuclear holocaust."

A government spokesperson explained France's position to the crowd of reporters gathered in the small press release room. Hardly anyone bothered to take his words down. They weren't here for that - barely anyone knows anything about the remote American nation, but their demonstration of military prowess serves as a convenient pretext for continuing a heated domestic debate. As soon as the spokesperson asked for questions, a hundred arms shot up. Gritting his teeth, he selected an old acquaintance.

"Will this cause the government to reconsider plans for strategic security?" The tanned reporter called out.

"We do not support weapons of mass destruction..."


Meanwhile, deep inside the presidential palace at Paris, a small team crowded around a table decked with charts and plans. Watching the press conference on TV, they looked at each other uneasily. "If this leaks..."

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